Welcome to the Bertozzi Group

The Bertozzi Group studies cell surface interactions that contribute to human health and disease with specific projects in the areas of cancer, inflammation and bacterial infection. We use the techniques of organic synthesis, genetics, and biochemistry as tools to study and manipulate complex cellular processes. Much of our research involves cell surface oligosaccharides, biopolymers that contribute to cell surface recognition and cell-cell communication.

Stanford University

Stanford University
Department of Chemistry

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12.24.2019 - Happy holidays!

11.27.2019 - We're excited to welcome Michael, the newest member of the lab. Congrats Asia and Mikey!

11.20.2019 - Goodbye, Abe! Best of luck at Ginkgo!

9.17.2019 - Marc and Ulla are now faculty at the Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg. Right on!

8.1.2019 - Congratulations, Mireille, on your appointment to the Harvard Society of Fellows!

12.14.2018 - Congratulations to Neil for finishing his PhD. Good luck at Thermo!

10.30.2018 - A warm welcome to our new postdocs Joe and Rishi!

9.13.2018 - Ben leaves to start up his new lab at the Crick Institute and Imperial College London. Stay in touch!

8.31.2018 - Welcome to our new postdocs, Marie, Abe, and Nick; and our new grad student, Egan!

8.26.2018 - Farewell, Sam. Good luck in your new position at Lilly!

7.1.2018 - We bid farewell to Rachel. Good luck starting your new lab!

5.24.2018 - Congratulations to our newly minted Ph.D.'s - Ian, Fred, Jason, and Sam!

3.13.2018 - The lab says goodbye to Dr. Matt Zhou. Best of luck at Bolt Therapeutics!

3.1.2018 - The lab welcomes our new graduate students Judy Shon, Green Ahn, and Wilson Sinclair.

2.28.2018 - Congrats Mireille, Peyton, and Frances for their article in Science Translational Medicine. Check out the coverage in Stanford News!