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Databases generated by the Brunet Lab

NEW!!: African Killifish Genome Database

Buffer Domain Database (H3K4me3 Broad Domains)


The Brunet Lab is funded by:

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Glenn Laboratories for the Biology of Aging at Stanford

National Institute on Aging (NIA)

National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)



Bio-X Stanford University

Department of Genetics

Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Glenn Laboratories for the Biology of Aging at Stanford

Stanford Cancer Center

Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Stanford Center on Longevity


Graduate Programs

Cancer Biology Graduate Program

Genetics Graduate Program

Neurosciences Graduate Program

Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine Program


Facilities at Stanford

Behavioral and Functional Neuroscience Laboratory

FACS Facility

High-Throughput Bioscience Center

Functional Genomics Facility

Protein & Nucleic Acid (PAN) Facility


Bioinformatics and Genomics Resources

CMGM Bioinformatics Resources

Stanford Microarray Database

Stanford Genome Technology Center



Primers and sequencing

Ordering Primers (Elim Bio)

DNA Sequencing (MC Lab)


Literature Resources

Lane electronic library

OMIM (Textual information on genes)



Sequence analysis


Multiple Sequence Alignments (ClustalW)

BoxShade (to print nice multiple alignments)

UCSC Genome Browser (the best!)

Ensembl Genome Browser



Calculate Molecular Weight

Protein Secondary Structure


Gene expression

Allen Brain Atlas

Gensat (Gene expression Nervous System Atlas)


Gene expression Omnibus


Transcription factors


TESS (Transcription Element Search Software)



Model Organisms

Caenorhabditis elegans (Wormbase)

Nothobranchius furzeri (NFIN)

Mouse: Genome resources

Mouse: Order transgenic mice from Jackson

Seminars and Meetings

Seminars at Stanford

Keystone Symposia

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meetings

Gordon Conferences

FASEB Meetings