“Jiu Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain) (1994)”

Jiu Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain) (1994), an installation by Hung Liu,  was on display in the Mills College Art Museum in Oakland, CA from January 23 through March 17, 2013. Recognized as America’s most important Chinese artist, Hung Liu’s installations have played a central role in her work throughout her career. In Jiu Jin Shan (Old Gold Mountain), over two hundred thousand fortune cookies create a symbolic gold mountain that engulfs a crossroads of railroad tracks running beneath. The junction where the tracks meet serves as both a crossroads and 2 terminus, a visual metaphor of the cultural intersection of East and West. Liu references not only the history of the Chinese laborers who built the railroads to support the West Coast Gold Rush, but also the hope shared among these migrant workers that they could find material prosperity in the new world.