Chinese-language book on the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America

A Chinese-language book, 北美鐵路華工:歷史、文學與視覺再現 [Chinese Railroad Workers in North America: Recovery and Representation], edited by Hsinya Huang [黃心雅] (Taipei: Bookman [台北:書林出版社], 2017). The book, which features a preface by Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project co-directors Gordon H. Chang and Shelley Fisher Fishkin, was produced by scholars from Asia »

“The Tacoma Method” — Anniversary in Washington

The Tacoma Art Museum (TAM) and the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation jointly presented a two-part commemorative program on November 4. The day began with a walk from the Chinese Reconciliation Park to the Tacoma Art Museum, following Pacific Avenue—the same road on which the Chinese of Tacoma were expelled from »

Undergraduate Research Symposium

During the Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Public Service that took place during the 2017 Stanford University Homecoming Reunion Weekend in October, 2017, Jeongeun Park presented on her research assistance for the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford University. The Project has interviewed almost forty descendants of »

Presentation to the US-China People’s Friendship Association

On August 26 at St. Jude’s Church Parish Hall in Cupertino, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Co-Director of the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford, gave a talk to the US-China People’s Friendship Association South Bay Chapter on “Seeing Absence, Listening to Silence: The Challenge of Reconstructing Chinese Railroad Workers Lives.” Attendees included several people who have »

China Wall in the Sierras

In late July, project co-director Gordon H. Chang presented two talks on the Chinese railroad workers to Stanford alumni and friends at the Stanford Sierra Camp on Fallen Leaf Lake, near Lake Tahoe. Two hundred audience members attended the talks, which focused on the work the Chinese completed in the »

Pilgrimage to Yosemite

Hilton Obenzinger, Associate Director of the CRRW Project, presented a talk on the Chinese and the Transcontinental Railroad during the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California’s “5th Annual Pilgrimage to Yosemite National Park Commemorating the Contributions of the Chinese in the Sierra Nevada,” which ran from July 27 to August »

Chinese Workers Panel at USF

On April 11, 2017, Hilton Obenzinger, Associate Director of the Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project, joined Sue Lee, Executive Director, Chinese Historical Society of America, Paulette Liang, Chinese Railroad worker descendant, and James Zarsadiaz, Assistant Professor of History, University of San Francisco, on a panel to discuss the »