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Cautionary Notes 
 -Important features and warnings for data users

- Sheet used by coders to code event 

Brief Event Guide
- Definition and description of an "event"  

Collection and Coding Manual
- Procedures followed by all coders

Claims List
- Codes and definitions for claims codes (claim1 - claim4) 

Initiating Group List
- Codes and definitions of initiating group variables (e.g. igrp1c1)

Activities List
- Codes and definitions for activity codes (act1 - act4)

Form List
- Codes and definitions for form codes (form1 - form4)

Targets and Ethnic Targets List
- Codes and definitions for targets (targ1-targ2) and ethnic targets (ertarg1-ertarg2; only for events in which either targ1 or targ2 are coded as '7')

Data Cleaning
- Details process of cleaning data, including documentation on errors, omissions, and miscoded observations

Policy Agenda Codes
-Details the procedures for assigning a Policy Agenda Code (Baumgartner and Jones Topic Codes) to each of our collective action events