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Hausar Yau Da Kullum cover

Hausar Yau Da Kullum

Intermediate and Advanced Lesson in Hausa Language and Culture

William R. Leben, Ahmadu Bello Zaria, Shekarau B. Maikafi, and Lawan Danladi Yalwa

Aimed particularly at students in intermediate and advanced Hausa courses, Hausar Yau Da Kullum is a compendium of information about Hausar language and culture. This book is founded on the notion that once one gets beyond the fundamentals of language intruction, learning the language and learning about the culture are inseparably linked.

This book covers a variety of aspects of daily life (food, prayer, play, interpersonal relationships) and of traditional crafts (dyeing, tanning, carparentry, and others), in an effort to build familiarity with some of the most prominent differences that may strike a newcomer to Hausa culture. The texts on these areas are supplemented by presentation of grammar, new vocabulary, and related cultural mattters.

Hausar Yau da Kullum: Intermediate and Advanced Materials in Hausa Language and Culture. Textbook, with 24 lessons including text, grammar and vocabulary notes, and a glossary. 153 pages.

The project director, William R. Leben is Professor of Linguistics at Stanford University, where he has taught and engaged in research on Hausa language and linguistics since 1972.


  • Introduction and Acknowledgements
  • Lesson 1 Karon buba da 'Yan Sanda
  • Lesson 2 Aure a Ƙasar Hausa
  • Lesson 3 Zance Tsaknin Saurayi da Budurwa
  • Lesson 4 Ɗorin Asibiti da Ɗorin Gida
  • Lesson 5 Jana'iza
  • Lesson 6 Salloli
  • Lesson 7 Azumi
  • Lesson 8 Tsarin Karatu Na Gargajiya
  • Lesson 9 Bukin Suna
  • Lesson 10 Tafiya Kasuwar
  • Lesson 11 Wasanni
  • Lesson 12 Abinci
  • Lesson 13 Aikin Rini
  • Lesson 14 Ƙira
  • Lesson 15 Noma
  • Lesson 16 Aikin Kafinta
  • Lesson 17 Farauta
  • Lesson 18 Saƙa
  • Lesson 19 Jima
  • Lesson 20 Yanka
  • Lesson 21 Ƙore
  • Lesson 22 Kayan Kiɗa
  • Lesson 23 Kayan Sawa
  • Lesson 24 Ginin Tukwane
  • Index


ISBN (Paperback): 0937073687 (9780937073681)
Subject: Linguistics; Hausa Language

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