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The Language of First-Order Logic
(Windows Program, Tarski's World), 3rd Ed., Revised & Expanded

Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy

The Language of First-order Logic presents a new approach to teaching first-order logic. Taking advantage of the accompanying program Tarski's World, the text skillfully balances the semantic conception of logic with methods of proof. The book contains eleven chapters, in four parts. Part I is about propositional logic and Part II covers quantifier logic. Part III contains chapters on set theory and inductive definitions. Part IV contains advanced topics in logic, including topics of importance in applications of logic in computer science. The Language of First-order Logic contains hundreds of problems and exercises.

An instructor's manual and instructor's disk are available to accompany this book. The instructor's manual, written by Ruth Eberle, provides a wealth of material to make grading exercises and teaching from the text easier. The instructor's disk allows you to grade most of the Tarski's World problems automatically, directly off the student's disks. It is possible to grade both IBM PC and Macintosh disks using the Macintosh version of the program.

The Language of First-order Logic comes packaged with the program Tarski's World. Since Hyperproof uses an extension of the natural-deduction-style proof system taught in The Language of First-order Logic, it can be used to accompany this text. The Language of First-order Logic is available in versions for Macintosh and Microsoft Windows. A version of the software for computers running NeXTstep is also available. To receive it, purchase a copy of either the Macintosh or Windows version and follow the instructions contained in the book.

Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy have developed several other logic courseware packages. Information on these packages can be be found at http://openproof.stanford.edu/.


ISBN (Paperback): 9780937073902 (0937073903) (Out of Print)
Subject: Logic; First-Order Logic

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