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Direct Reference, Indexicality, and Propositional Attitudes cover

Direct Reference, Indexicality, and Propositional Attitudes

edited by Wolfgang Künne, Albert Newen, and Martin Anduschus

Direct Reference is a theory which explores the relationship between proper names, or *labels* and the objects to which they refer. According to John Stuart Mill, direct reference and proper names are “purely denotative....they denote the individuals who are called by them; but they do not indicate or imply any attributes as belonging to those individuals.” Hence we may refer to a philosopher named Aristotle without having any factual information regarding the person denoted by this label.

Indexicality is the use of expressions that elicit change of meaning in a sentence given the context of the utterance, or *indexicals*. An example of indexicality is the sentence 'I am thirsty'. As the speaker changes, the definition of the utterance 'I am thirsty' changes as well.

Propositional Attitudes are problematic structures within the theory of Direct Reference. We may make the statement, 'Dr. Seuss wrote the “Cat in the Hat”,' and interchange Theodor Geisel for Dr. Seuss without affecting the validity of the statement. However, when the propositional attitude 'John believes that' is applied to the statement, forming 'John believes that Dr. Seuss wrote the “Cat in the Hat”', the Substitution Principle does not produce a valid statement. The application of the propositional attitude does not allow the speaker to make assumptions about John's beliefs. Hence, the social understanding of the proper name, 'Dr. Seuss', is lost within the structure of the propositional attitude.

This volume is a compilation of revised versions of papers presented at a conference held in spring 1994 at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) in Bielefeld, Germany. These papers are extended discussions of topics of great importance to philosophers.

Wolfgang Künne holds a Chair of Philosophy at the University of Hamburg. He has been Visiting Professor at the Universities of Fribourg, Oslo and Venice. He is the author of Abstrakte Gegenstände-Semantik und Ontologie 1983) and of many articles in metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language. Albert Newen is Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Logic at the University of Bonn. He is author of Kontext, Referenz und Bedeutung (1996) and co-author of Analytische Philosophie, Ein Einführung (1996). Martin Anduschus earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the University of Hamburg. He is author of Zuschreibungen propositionaler Einstellungen (1997).


  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • Part I Indexicals and Names
  • 1 Reflexivity, Indexicality, and Names
    John Perry
  • 2 Tensed Thoughts
    James Higginbotham
  • 3 First Person Propositions: A Fregean Account
    Wolfgang Künne
  • 4 First-Person Referenece, Representational Independence, and Self-Knowledge
    Christopher Peacocke
  • 5 The Logic of Indexical Thoughts and the Metaphysics of the ‘Self’
    Albert Newen
  • 6 The Addressing Puzzle
    Thomas Zimmermann
  • 7 The Mechanics of the Counterpart Relation
    Henk Zeevat
  • 8 Names, Indexicals, and Identity Statements
    Ernesto Napoli
  • Part II Attitude Reports
  • 9 Frege's Puzzle and Belief Ascriptions
    Pierre Jacob
  • 10 Descriptions, Indexicals, and Belief Reports: Some Dilemmas (But Not the Ones You Expect)
    Stephen Schiffer
  • 11 Variations of Sin N
    Martin Anduschus
  • 12 Would you Believe it? On the Anaphoric Specification of Attitude Content
    Rainer Bäuerle
  • 13 Belief Reports and Speech Reports
    Graeme Forbes
  • Part III Natural Kind of Terms and Color Terms
  • 14 The Context Dependency of Natural Kind Terms
    Ulrike Haas-Spohn
  • 15 The Character of Color Terms: A Materialist View
    Wolfgang Spohn
  • 16 The Character of Color Terms: A Phenomenalist View
    Martine Nida-Rümelin
  • Name Index
  • Subject Index


ISBN (Paperback): 1575860708 (9781575860701)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575860716 (9781575860718)
ISBN (Electronic): 1575869888 (9781575869889)

Subject: Linguistics; Philosophy of Language; Reference

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