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Cognition and Function in Language cover

Cognition and Function in Language

edited by Barbara Fox, Dan Jurafsky, and Laura Michaelis

This volume brings together 17 papers resulting from the third conference on Conceptual Structure, Discourse and Language (CSDL 3), held at the University of Colorado at Boulder in May 1997. Since the first CSDL conference held in San Diego in 1994, the CSDL series has created a spirited forum for exchange between practitioners of cognitive and functional linguistics. The papers in this volume focus on the motivations for linguistic patterning in human social and cognitive experience, and on the dynamic properties of language construal, use, and development. The papers collected here are a rich sampling of the complex data, innovative methods and fresh research questions undertaken by scholars in the cognitive-functional traditions. Among the main research avenues represented in this volume are grammaticalization, child language learning, categorization, conversational practice, and linguistic knowledge representation.

Barbara A. Fox is Professor, Department of Linguistics, Daniel Jurafsky is Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Institute of Cognitive Science, and Department of Computer Science, and Laura A. Michaelis is Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics. All are at the University og Colorado at Boulder


  • Preface
  • From Core to Periphery: A Study on the Directionality of Syntactic Change in Japanese
    Kaoru Horie
  • On the Extension of Body-Part Nouns to Object-Part Nouns and Spatial Adpositions
    Yo Matsumoto
  • Noun Classes: Language Change and Learning
    Maria Polinsky & Dan Jackson
  • Multifunctionality: The Developmental Path of the Quotative tte in Japanese
    Ryoko Suzuki
  • Suppletion in the Paradigms of Copula Verbs
    Ljuba Veselinova
  • Learning the English Passive Construction
    Patricia J. Brooks & Michael Tomasello
  • Verb Roots and Caregiver Speech in Early Tzotzil (Mayan) Acquisition
    Lourdes de León
  • Cue Coordination: An Alternative to Word Meaning Biases
    Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole, Enlli Môn Thomas, & Soohee Kim
  • A Cross-linguistic Study of Early Acquisition of Nouns and Verbs in English and Japanese
    Chikako Sakurai
  • Fake Guns and Stone Lions: Conceptual Blending and Privative Adjectives
    Seana Coulson & Gilles Fauconnier
  • The System of Metaphors for Mind and the Conceptual System of Analytic Philosophy: A Study of the Metaphorical Constraints on Philosophical Discourse
    George Lakoff
  • Lexical Meaning and Discourse Patterning: The Three Mandarin Cases of build
    Meichun Liu
  • Fuzzy at First Sight: The Case of Two Dutch Prepositions
    Dominiek Sandra & Hubert Cuyckens
  • The Semantics of Place, Time, and Way and their Strange Syntactic Behavior: A Construction Grammar Analysis
    Christopher Johnson
  • On a tué le président! The nature of Passives and Ultra-indefinites
    Jean-Pierre Koenig
  • The Syntactic Organization of Repair in Bikol
    Steven Fincke
  • Tone-Choice Repair in Conversational Mandarin Chinese
    Liang Tao, Barbara A. Fox, & Jule Gomez de Garcia
  • Index

June 1999

ISBN (Paperback): 1575861860 (9781575861869)
ISBN (Cloth): 1575861879 (9781575861876)

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