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Identity, Language, and Mind cover

Identity, Language, and Mind

An Introduction to the Philosophy of John Perry

Edited by Albert Newen and Raphael van Riel

As one of the world's most eminent living philosophers, John Perry has covered a remarkable breadth of subjects in his published work, including semantics, indexicality, self-knowledge, personal identity, and consciousness. Looking particularly at the way in which he deals with issues of self, communication, and reality, this volume is organized in seven chapters that highlight a different aspect of Perry's work on the intersection of these subjects. A fundamental work for students and scholars, Identity, Language, and Mind explores questions that are not only essential in understanding Perry's writings, but also contemporary philosophy as a whole.

Albert Newen is professor of philosophy (Institut für Philosophie II) at the Ruhr-Universtität Bochum. Raphael van RIel is a lecturer at the Institut für Philosophie II, Ruhr-Universtität Bochum.


  • 1 Speaking And Thinking About Oneself With the Work of John Perry: An Introduction
  • Part one: Language
  • 2 Indexicality
    Jerome Dokic
    Institut Jean-Nicod, École Normale Supérieure
  • 3 Holmes, Perry, and Reference
    Kepa Korta
    Institute for Logic Cognition Language and Information, University of the Basque Country
  • 4 Perry on Propositional Attitude Reports
    Albert Newen
    Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Institut für Philosophie II
  • 5 Situation Semantics
    Isidora Stojanovic
    Institut Jean-Nicod, École Normale Supérieure
  • Part two: Persons and Their Minds
  • 6 Perry on Self-Knowledge
    Neil Van Leeuwen
    Philosophy, Georgia State University
  • 7 Perry on Personal Identity
    Raphael Van Riel
    Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Institut für Philosophie II
  • 8 In Defense of Antecedent Physicalism
    Daniel Cohnitz
    Philosophy, University of Tartu, Estonia
  • 9 Perry's Philosophical Works and Further References

July 2012

ISBN (Paperback): 9781575866420
ISBN (Cloth): 9781575866437
ISBN (electronic): 9781575866475

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