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Revealing Structure cover

Revealing Structure

Papers in Honor of Larry M. Hyman

edited by Eugene Buckley, Thera Crane, and Jeff Good

Drawing from a wide range of perspectives in the analysis of grammatical structures, the papers collected in this book are unified not by linguistic subfield, but by the investigative method they employ in revealing grammatical patterns. Revealing Structure explores this style of investigation across phonology, morphology, and syntax. Dedicated to celebrated linguist Larry Hyman, author of such books as A Theory of Phonological Weight, this volume also features data from diverse languages—with a special emphasis on the languages of Africa‐making it unique among existing linguistics collections.

Eugene Buckley is associate professor of linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. Thera Crane is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of World Cultures at the University of Helsinki. Jeff Good is associate professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Buffalo, State University of New York.


  • Contributors
  • 1 Revealing Structure in Languages and Grammar
    Jeff Good, Eugene Buckley,& Thera Crane
  • 2 Mọ̀bà Nasal Harmony
    Ọláiípọ̀ Ajíbóyè & Douglas Pulleyblank
  • 3 Abstractness and Shingazidja Tonology: Evidence from French Loanwords
    Farida Cassimjess & Charles W. Kisseberth
  • 4 On the Privileged Status of Boundary Tones: Evidence from Japanese, French, and Cantonese English
    Carlos Gussenhoven
  • 5 The Foot as a Phonotactic Domain: aw and wa in English
    John Harris
  • 6 Phylogentic Classification of Grassfields Languages
    Jean‐Marie Hombert & Rebecca Grollemund
  • 7 Overexponence and Underexponence in Morphology
    Sharon Inkelas
  • 8 The Phoenetics of Downstep in Abron and Adioukrou
    William R. Leben & Firmin Ahoua
  • 9 Penultimate Shortening in NPs: The Case of Símákonde
    Sophie Manus
  • 10 On Tones in Chisubiya (Chiikuhane)
    Joyce T. Mathangwane
  • 11 The Phonology of Tone in the Imperative in Kinande
    Ngessimo M. Mutaka
  • 12 A Direct/Inverse Subsystem in Ingush Deictic Prefixes
    Johanna Nichols
  • 13 The Aerodynamic Voicing Constraint and its Phonological Implications
    John J. Ohala
  • 14 Vowel Height Harmony in Kilimanjaro Bantu: A New Look at the Evidence
    G/rard Philiippson
  • 15 Tone Spreading, Tone Shifting, and Tonal Restructuring
    Russel G. Schuh
  • 16 Compounding in Leggbó
    Imelda I. Udoh
  • 17 Ejagham without Tense: Historical Implications for ProtoóBantoid
    John R. Watters
  • 18 Laryngeal Schizophenia in Washo Resonants
    Alan C. L. Yu
  • Index

October 3, 2018

ISBN (Paperback): 9781684000296 (1684000297)

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