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Form and Meaning in Language, Volume II

Form and Meaning in Language, Volume II

Charles J. Fillmore

Edited by Pedro Gras, Jan-Ola Östman, and Jef Verschueren

This volume continues the collection of work by Charles J. Fillmore, which he started in 2003. Taken together, the work gathered in these volumes reflects Fillmore's desire to make sense of the workings of language in a way that keeps in mind questions of language form, language use, and the conventions linking form, meaning, and practice.

Divided into four parts, the papers collected in Volume II explore language in use; semantics and pragmatics; text and discourse; and language in society.

May 2020


  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction by Pedro Gras, Jan-Ola Östman & Jef Verschueren
  • PART 1: Language in Use
  • 1 On Fluency
  • 2 Ideal Readers and Real Readers
  • 3 Remarks on Contrastive Pragmatics
  • PART 2: Semantics and Pragmatics
  • 4 Subjects, Speakers, and Roles
  • 5 Entailment Rules in a Semantic Theory
  • 6 Verbs of Judging: An Exercise in Semantic Description
  • 7 Pragmatically Controlled Zero Anaphora
  • PART 3: Text and Discourse
  • 9 Pragmatics and the Description of Discourse
  • 10 Story Grammars and Sentence Grammars: Some Considerations
  • 11 Linguistics as a Tool for Discourse Analysis
  • PART 4: Language in Society
  • 12 A Grammarian Looks to Sociolinguistics
  • 13 Humor in Academic Discourse
  • 14 Using Common Sense: A Linguistic Perspective on Judicial Interpretations of ‘Use a Firearm’
  • Index

ISBN (Paperback): 1684000548 (9781684000548)

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