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Information and Mind

Information and Mind: The Philosophy of Fred Dretske

Edited by Paul Skokowski

Information and Mind explores a range of topics that Fred Dretske addressed in his philosophical career. These span from the earliest problems Dretske analyzed—the nature of seeing an object—to epistemological issues that he began working on in mid-career, to issues he focused on in later years, including information, mental representation, and conscious experience. The papers in the volume, written by former colleagues and students from the university of Wisconsin and Stanford University, were inspired by talks given at the Center for the Explanation of Consciousness at Stanford in 2015 to celebrate Dretske's life and work. In addition to scholarly essays, the authors also recount stories from personal interactions with Dretske that transformed their philosophical views or changed their professional trajectory. A bibliography of Dretske's publications is also provided. This volume includes contributions by Fred Adams, John A. Barker, John Perry, Paul Skokowski, and Dennis Stampe.

"This is an impressive and valuable collection and a powerful testament to the influence and continuing importance of Dretske's research on foundational issues in epistemology and philosophy of mind."

Martin Davies, Wilde Professor of Mental Philosophy Emeritus, Oxford University

Paul Skokowski is Executive Director of the Center for the Explanation of Consciousness at Stanford University, where he has taught in Symbolic Systems and Philosophy since 1993, and a Fellow in Philosophy at St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

November 2020


  • 1. Introduction
    Paul Skokowski
  • 2. Dretskean Externalism about Knowledge
    Fred Adams and John Barker
  • 3. Representation and Possibility
    John Perry
  • 4. Three Dogmas of Internalism
    Paul Skokowski
  • 5. Perceptual Activity and the Object of Perception
    Dennis Stampe
  • Index

ISBN (Paperback): 1684000696 (9781684000692)

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