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December 8th, 2015

Zhi Wei's work on a sodium metal anode in ACS Central Science was given the cover art treatment, seen here, and highlighted by the journal.

July 16th, 2015

JACS has spotlighted Jie's work on artifical SEI for lithium-ion batteries.

June 24th, 2015

Stanford has highlighted Haotian's breakthrough work in Nature Communications, on developing a single-catalyst, single-environment system for complete continuous, efficient water splitting.

February 18th, 2015

Stanford has highlighted Chong and Po-Chun's research, published in Nature Communications, on creating a new PM2.5 filter based on electrospun fibers.

January 12th, 2015
Po-Chun's research on an interesting application of silver nanowires, coating them in textiles to reflect radiating body heat for personal energy management, was highlighted by many online sites. These sites include The Wall Street Journal, Phys.org, Nature Nanotechnology, and Popular Science.


October 13th 2014
Denys's research on creating a smart lithium-ion battery was covered by Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy. Check out the Youtube video which helps explain the research.

October 12th 2014
Congrats to Yi for winning the 2014 Inaugural Nano Energy Award! See more info here!

August 20th 2014
Wesley's paper in Nature Nanotechnology on progress towards enabling lithium metal batteries has been covered by a number of websites and news sources, including Phys.org, USA Today, ExtremeTech, ABC News, and Forbes. Congrats Wesley and team!

August 18th 2014
Yi was featured in a Science news article about flow batteries and the lithium-sulphur research. Check it out here!

July 16th 2014
Zhi Wei's research on lithium-sulphur batteries at SLAC was covered here, including a fantastic summary Youtube video narrated by Zhi Wei himself.

May 21st 2014
Seok Woo's thermal battery paper in Nature Communications is making waves around Stanford. See the coverage here.

March 5th 2014
Nian's Nature Nanotechnology paper gets the cover treatment for the March 2014 issue. See it here.


October 10th 2013
Dr. William Perry, the 19th Secretary of Defense of the United States from 1994-1997, visits the Cui lab to learn about our battery research. See photos here.

October 9th 2013
Xing's work on generating electricity from wastewater is featured across the web: NBC, BBC, Scientific American, Science Daily, Voice of America

October 8th 2013
Chong's work on nanosponges for cleaning water is highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology

August 19th 2013
"Designer glue" for batteries highted by SLAC

July 3rd 2013
Hongbin's work on crab shell templates for battery electrodes highlighted by Chemical and Engineering News

June 4th 2013
Cui/Bao collaboration results in another breakthrough in Si anode technology for Li-ion batteries.

May 29th 2013
Hui's work on flexible high-performance transparent electrodes for touch screens highlighed by DOE View it on our publications page!

May 28th 2013
Desheng and Haotian's paper on vertically aligned MoS2 and Mose2 layers is among the most cited in 2013. View it on our publications page!

April 24th 2013
Cui group polysulfide batteries highlighted by SLAC and DOE.

April 4th 2013
Matt McDowell wins a Gold Graduate Student Award at the MRS Spring Meeting.

April 4th 2013
Matt McDowell wins a Gold Graduate Student Award at the MRS Spring Meeting.

April 4th 2013
Desheng's work on films with vertically aligned layers is highlighted by Nature.

March 13th 2013
Professor Cui and collaborators win funding from Stanford GCEP to investigate high-efficiency thin-film solar cells.

March 7th 2013
Professor Cui presents at Stanford-MIT Energy Game Changers Workshop, hosted by former Secretary of State George Schultz and MiT president Rafael Reif.

January 10th 2013
Zhi Wei's work on yolk-shell sulfur electrodes highlighted by Science News and SLAC News

5th of December 2012
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University are part of a team led by Argonne National Laboratory that will receive up to $120 million over five years from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to establish a new Batteries and Energy Storage Hub, the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR). Prof Cui is a PI leading the SLAC/Stanford part of effort.

28th of November 2012
Seung Sae Hong wins the MRS Gold Medal, the highest honor for a graduate student in Materials Science and Engineering, for his seminal work on topological insulators.

16th of November 2012
Professor Cui is profiled by Stanford News

27th of June 2012
Lijia and Guihua's paper in PNAS is highlighted in the Stanford News, Nanotechweb, and Ars Technica.

14th of March 2012
Seok Woo's paper is highlighted in this week's issue of PNAS

February 2012
Bing's paper in Energy & Environmental Science was one of the top ten most downloaded for February!

16th of Feburary 2012
Yan and Jie's paper in Nature Communication is highlighted in the Nature , Stanford News, Nanowerk, and SLAC News.Congratulations!

13rd of October 2011
Desheng's paper in Nature Nanotechnology is highlighted in the Science and SLAC News.Congratulations!

5th of October 2011
Guihua and Bing's paper in Nano Lett. is highlighted in the MIT Tech Review and Nanotechweb.org. Congratulations!

25th of July 2011
Yuan's paper in PNAS is reported by Nature News, Stanford News, Scientific American,Technology Review, NPR,Link to youtube. Congratulations!

1th of July 2011
Guihua and Bing's paper in Nano Lett. is highlighted in the July issue of Nature. Congratulations! view

3rd of April 2011
Chong's paper in PNAS is highlighted in the April issue of Nature Methods. Congratulations! view

4th of Feburary 2011
Seung Sae and Judy's paper is highlighted in the February issue of Nature Nanotechnology by Julie Macpherson. Congratulations! view

16th of December 2010
Three paper from our group are the among the most-read papers in Nano Letters in the past 12 months. These papers are: Stretchable, Porous, and Conductive Energy Textiles, Nanodome Solar Cells with Efficient Light Management and Self-Cleaning, and New Nanostructured Li2S/Silicon Rechargeable Battery with High Specific Energy. view

16th of November 2010
Jia and Chingmei's paper "Nanodome Solar Cells with Efficient Light Management and Self-Cleaning" is the cover article of Nano Letter (June issue) and the #5 most-read papers in Nano Letters in the past 12 months.

16th of October 2010
Yi Cui is named David Filo and Jerry Yang Faculty Scholar for the term of 2010-2014.

1st of September 2010
David's paper on Water Sterilization Using One-Dimensional Nanostructures was published in Nano Letters, and has been highlighted in the press, including in Technology Review, Stanford News, NanoWerk, Smart Planet, New Scientist.

2nd of August 2010
Our papers on Ag NW electrode and CNT-Si are most-read in ACS Nano!ACS Nano.

22nd of July 2010
SangMoo's work on nanoscale texturing for solar cells is highlighted by MIT Technology Review.

15th of June 2010
Prof Yi Cui is featured in the video "Clothing that will power your smart phone" "Future of Clothes" on SmartPlanet.

19th of April 2009
Prof Yi Cui was awarded tenure at Stanford.

5th of April 2009
Prof Yi Cui's paper "High Performance Silicon Nanowire Field Effect Transistors" is now the #2 most-cited papers in Nano Letters in the past 10 years .


7th of December 2009
Liangbing's paper on conductive paper battery and supercap was published in PNAS, and has been highlighted in the press, including in New York Times, Technology Review, Stanford Report, EE Times, and Scientific American.

13th of November 2009
Jia's paper on nanodome solar cell was published in Nano Letters, and has been highlighted in the press, including in Technology Review and New Scientist.

17th of August?2009
Li-Feng's paper on "Carbon-Silicon Core-Shell Nanowires as High Capacity Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries" was published in Nano Letters, and has been highlighted in the press, including in Science and Technology Review.


12th of August 2008
Jia's paper on PbSe chiral branched structures was published in Nature (cover) Nanotechnology, and a news and views article highlighted his work. link

28th of January 2008
Yi is a recipient of the MDV Innovators Award along with Prof. McGehee. link
Candace's paper in Nature Nanotechnology is famous! coverage in Yahoo! Tech News, MIT Technology Review, ScienceNOW, RSC, Stanford Report, and severals more news outlets.


12th of March 2007
Jia's paper "Hyperbranched Lead Selenide Nanowire Networks" was published in Nano Letters.

16th of February 2007
Candace's paper "Fast, Completely Reversible Li Insertion in Vanadium Pentoxide Nanoribbons" was published in Nano Letters.

10th of January 2007
Hailin published two papers, "Synthesis and Phase Transformation of In2Se3 and CuInSe2 Nanowires" and "Morphology Control of Layer-Structured Gallium Selenide Nanowires" in JACS and Nano Letters, respectively.


9th of August 2006
Stefan's paper "Synthesis and characterization of phase-change nanowires" was published in Nano Letters. This is our first paper since Yi joined Stanford!

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