Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather sessions bring like minded individuals together in adhoc sessions. All topics will be posted on a board at the beginning of the day to provide areas for specialized discussions and collaborations to flourish.

These smaller participant driven sessions are vital to filling in the gaps left by the broader pre-planned sessions at Stanford Drupal Camp. These sessions often produce some of the best one-on-one connections and discussions in the conference.

Registration is now open

We are pleased to announce that registration for Drupal Camp @ Stanford, April 1-3, 2011, is now open.

Want to come to Drupal Camp Stanford? Just create an account on this site and we'll put your name on the list!

If you are interested in volunteering during the camp, please check the "Interested in Volunteering" checkbox during registration.

To submit a session proposal, follow the registration instructions above and find the "Submit Session" option on the user navigation menu.