Drupal Camp 2012

NOTE: This website is an archive of the 2012 Stanford Drupal Camp. The current year's Stanford Drupal Camp website is at http://drupalcamp.stanford.edu

Drupal Modules: The What, When, Where, Why, and especially How

Site Building

This is a practical session covering module basics. Learn what modules are, when to use contributed modules, where to find them, why choose one over another, and —step-by-step— how to install and uninstall modules in both Drupal 6 and 7.

Questions answered by this session:

  • What are modules?
  • When should I use contributed modules?
  • Where can I find contributed modules?
  • Why should I choose one module over another?
  • How do I install modules (step-by-step)?
  • How do I uninstall modules (step-by-step)

This session will be useful to site builders who have sufficient server access to install modules. (In a Stanford context, this would include those building sites in AFS or a local server, but not those hosted on sites.stanford.edu)

Online "handout": http://sharonkrossa.com/drupallets/drupal-modules-what-when-where-why-and-especially-how

Experience level: 
Time slot: 
5 May 11:15 - 12:15
Room 185