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Office 365

The campus e-mail infrastructure is moving to Office 365, a cloud solution from Microsoft, in Summer 2015. Current users of the Alpine (Pine) and Mutt e-mail clients may need to modify their configurations at that time.

Alpine Configuration

# ~/.pinerc${USER}
folder-collections={${USER}}[], ~/Mail/[]
default-fcc={${USER}}Sent Items
trash-folder={${USER}}Deleted Items

Note: The ${USER} expression automatically substitutes your local username. If you are configuring Alpine on a system where your local username differs from your SUNet ID you must replace the entire expression with your SUNet ID.

Mutt Configuration

# ~/.muttrc
set smtp_url="smtps://$"
set folder="imaps://$"
set spoolfile="+Inbox"
set postponed="+Drafts"
set record="+Sent Items"
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