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Like Jupyter but on FarmShare2.

  1. ssh rice
  2. module load anaconda3
  3. jupyter notebook
  4. hit Q and y to exit the CLI browser that comes up by default

Now you have a terminal sitting there with instructions with a URL with a token. Note the port number and also the full URL and also the hostname in your CLI prompt. e.g. "http://localhost:8888/?token=b758b09b77a7409599110e8c0269cd88d7ad8447cea266b7" on rice13

In a new terminal:

  1. ssh sunetid@rice13.stanford.edu -L 8888:localhost:8888
  2. this will map the port 8888 on your localhost to port 8888 on rice13

Now you have a second terminal sitting there running a shell and a port-forward tunnel.

In your local browser, put in the URL that is printed in your first terminal. And you should see your Jupyter notebook.

If you close your two terminals, that will destroy the port-forward and will shut down the running jupyter server. If you want to leave it running for longer, you'll need to start it up inside a screen or a tmux.

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