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Took me a while to figure this out, so let me write it down.

/usr/sweet/bin/sas actually eventually maps to the directory:


use 'fs lq' to see what AFS volume that is, e.g.

corn-image:/afs/.ir/pubsw/Sweet/sas-9.2ts2m3/amd64_linux26/apps/sas-9.2ts2m3/SASFoundation/9.2# fs lq /afs/.ir/pubsw/Sweet/sas-9.2ts2m3/amd64_linux26/apps/sas-9.2ts2m3/SASFoundation/9.2 
Volume Name                    Quota       Used %Used   Partition
pubsw.sas92ts2m3             6000000    4870402   81%         29%  

On corn-image, the .ir version (writeable) is accessible on other machines only the ir version is accessible? Or maybe on any AFS machine I can access either. Want to make changes to the .ir version, then release the afs volume with 'remctl lsdb afs release VOLUME_NAME'.

That directory is only writeable to certain people:

corn-image:/afs/.ir/pubsw/Sweet/sas-9.2ts2m3/amd64_linux26/apps/sas-9.2ts2m3/SASFoundation/9.2# fs la .
Access list for . is
Normal rights:
  cvs-committers:pubsw rlidwka
  system:gsbhosts rl
  system:localhosts rl

My root principal is in the output of 'pts mem cvs-committers:pubsw'.

$ remctl lsdb afs release pubsw.sas92ts2m3
Releasing pubsw.sas92ts2m3 (try 1)...
Released volume pubsw.sas92ts2m3 successfully

OK, turned out that wasn't enough, needed to re-run sassetup, then release AFS volume, per:

And now it says:

 Expiration:   31AUG2013.
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