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Absolutely Small

Quantum Theory with No Math

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"There are a few books that I always keep near at hand, and constantly come back to. The Feynman Lectures in Physics and Dirac's classic textbook on Quantum Mechanics are among them. Michael Fayer's wonderful new book, Absolutely Small, is about to join them. Whether you are a scientist or just curious about how the world works, this is the book for you."

~Leonard Susskind, Professor of Physics, Stanford University
Author of The Black Hole War: My Battle With Stephen Hawking to Make the World Safe for Quantum Mechanics.
Professor Susskind is regarded as one of the fathers of string theory.

Elements of Quantum Mechanics

M. D. Fayer, Oxford University Press, 2001

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Elements of Quantum Mechanics provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of quantum theory and is designed for a first semester graduate or advanced undergraduate course in quantum mechanics for chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, and physics students. Associated PowerPoint lectures are available here.

Michael D. Fayer

David Mulvane Ehrsam and
Edward Curtis Franklin
Professor of Chemistry

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