FPCE Faculty

Senior Research Engineer

Senior Fellows & Visiting Scholars

Adminstrative and Technical Staff

Corinne Beck

FPCE Group Manager, PSAAP II and TFSA Affiliates Program Manager and Assistant to Prof. Gianluca Iaccarino
Building 500, Room 500J

Phone: 650-725-0704
Email: corinnebeck@stanford.edu

Susan Dorman

Assistant to Profs. Andreas Acrivos, John Eaton, Matthias Ihme, and Ali Mani
Building 500, Room 500A

Phone: 650-726-1995
Email: susand2@stanford.edu

Pamela Nelson-Foster

Assistant to Prof. Parviz Moin and Center for Turbulence Research Administrative Manager
Administrative Manager, Center for Turbulence Research (CTR) and High Performance, Computing Center (HPCC)
Building 500, Room 500B

Phone: 650-736-0766
Email: pnelson@stanford.edu

Steve Jones

Technology Operations Manager, Director of the High Performance, Computing Center (HPCC), and Research Scientist
CTR Building, Room 101

Phone: 650-723-9602
Email: stevejones@stanford.edu

Vi Nguyen

System Administrator I
CTR Building, Room 102

Phone: 650-723-9603
Email: vi111@stanford.edu