Heilshorn Biomaterials Group

The Heilshorn group designs materials that mimic the nano- and micro-scale order found in nature for applications in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and energy.


Our laboratory is a team of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers advised by Prof. Sarah Heilshorn. Our group members come from many departments across campus including Materials Science, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, MD/PhD, and Mechanical Engineering. Check out the list of honors and awards our group members have received.

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WHAT WE DO (video)



  • Rebecca DiMarco, Dan Hunt, and Ruby Dewi had a manuscript published in Biomaterials.
  • Huiyuan Wang had a manuscript published in Biomaterials in collaboration with Fan Yang.
  • The Heilshorn Lab is looking forward to working with Helia Saffaee, Bauer LeSavage, and Alex Berry, as they officially join the lab. Welcome!


  • Chris Madl's recent publication in Bioconjugate Chemistry was selected as the cover article. Congratulations!
  • Post-doc Mike Kratochvil has had two papers published recently in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces and ACS Infectious Diseases from his work at the University of Wisconsin. Great work, Mike!.

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