Our group is broadly interested in low-dimensional quantum materials. We have a significant emphasis on oxide thin films, heterostructures, and membranes, where we integrate synthesis, assembly, and measurements. We also study and incorporate other 2D materials synthesized by collaborating groups. Our efforts range from fundamental investigations of electronic and magnetic structure, to novel devices spanning hot carrier dynamics to photoelectrochemical response. Please see the Research page for highlights on some of our recent work.

News 2019

September - Dr. Shannon Harvey and Dr. Woo Jin Kim joined our lab as post-docs.

August - Thies Jansen joined our lab as a visiting student.

May - Hye-ok successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr. Yoon!

April - Professor Miura is visiting us from Seikei University. Welcome Professor Miura!

News 2018

September - Anisha (1st year student) joined our lab.

July - Dr. Ruijuan Xu joined our group as a post-doc.

March - Brian successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Kim!

News 2017

December - Tyler successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations Dr. Merz!

September - Jiachen (1st year student) joined our group.

September - Diana started work as Administrative Associate in the lab.

February - Dr. Denver Li joined our lab as a post-doc.

January - Dr. Andy Quindeau joined our lab.