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Maria Denisova, 1914? M. Denisova in 1912 (?) M. Denisova, 1913, third-year student at the Odessa Academy of Arts
Maria Denisova with her daughter, Alya (age 6, A. V. Stroeva). Lausanne, 1918. M. Denisova, 1919 (before she contracted typhus) and "1920-21 when she was serving in the Recruitment Directorate (Uproform) of the Fist Cavalry Army "Valuyki-Rostov, December 1919-January 1920, I am in the First Cavalry Army after three bouts of typhus and frontline psychasthenia" <A psychological disorder characterized by phobias, obsessions, compulsions, or excessive anxiety. No longer in scientific use>
Denisova. 1921. ("Taganrog, the head of an orphanage, head of the art section of the Famine Relief Committee and Save the Children Committee <Pomgol and Sotszadet>") M. Denisova in her studio in the 1920s Denisova in her studio working on a bust of Oka Gorodovikov 1933
Monument to women warriors of the civil war (1930s?) Denisova's bust of E. A. Shchadenko,  her husband. Bronze. 1926-34. Efim Shchadenko in 1941


Most of the  pictures are from the catalogue of the Denisova Exhibition at the Mayakovsky Museum in Moscow. The Committee on Culture of the City of Moscow and V.V. Mayakovsky State Museum. The Enresol Exhibition "Maria" (Sculptor Denisova-Shchadenko, M.A., 1898-1944). Moscow 2000.