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bulletBabel video prepared for the Exhibition by Dietmar Hochmuth
bulletSlides for Maria (needs Explorer 5 or later)
bulletSlides for Maria II (for older browsers and/or Macs)
bulletNew Hermitage
bullet Gregory Freidin's "Babel Gallery"
bulletBabel in the hands of the NKVD (documents)
bulletMaria Denisova (Shchadenko)
bulletVladimir Mayakovsky by Maria Denisova
bulletMap of Petrograd circa 1915, with a list of important city buildings
bulletA food requisitioning detachment circa 1918
bulletPetrograd, Nevsky 86 today (the hotel where Dymshits and Viskovsky stayed)
bulletViews of and fom an apartment building on Millionnaia Street (The Mukovnins apartment)
bulletFloor Polisher, a painting by Pyotr Konchalovsky
bulletBabel's Nemesis: Stalin, Voroshilov, Budenny, and Shchadenko
bulletFelix Dzerzhinsky's office at the Petrograd Cheka Building (Gorokhovaia 2). The FSB website).
bulletPetrograd 1918-19. The Sokolov Album from the Hoover Institution Archives
bullet Postcard from Andrey Malaev-Babel upcoming production of The Tales of Odessa at Washington's Stanislavsky Theater Studio
bulletEvents' Photos


bulletEfraim Sicher's Updated Checklist of the Works of Isaac Babel and Translations


bulletA version of the Cossack song from the last Scene of Maria
bulletIza Kremer singing "Memories" (Vospominania), lyrics and music by Iza Kremer
bulletYablochko, a civil-war tune, said to originate among the sailors of the Russian navy.
bulletGypsy songs



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Two Jewish Weddings. A Montage of Benya Krik (1926) and Goodbye, Columbus (1969) in Windows Media or Youtube



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