Interested in Joining Us?

In the Feldman Lab, we are interested in determining the mechanisms that regulate cell patterning events during development. We study questions not organisms and are therefore open to studying this topic in whatever system best suits the experiments at hand. We are currently using C. elegans, but have expertise in Chlamydomonas and zebrafish. We use a genetic, biochemical, and live imaging approach and are interested in expanding to modeling. Are you interested in joining us?

Postdoc Candidates

Please send me an email outlining your past research accomplishments and future research interests in the lab. Also, please send contact information for three references.

Graduate Students

Are you currently enrolled at Stanford and interested in rotating in the lab? Send me an email or stop by the lab (third floor of Gilbert, Room 306). If you are not currently enrolled at Stanford, you must first apply to the graduate program in the Department of Biology.


Send me an email and information about relevant coursework or experience.