The Moler lab, located in rooms 018 and 019 of the McCullough Building, has several cryostats optimized for measurements in various temperature and magnetic field ranges, with various scanning SQUID sensors.

Dilford, Jr.

Dilford, Jr. (named after Dilford, the original scanning SQUID microscope in a dilution refrigerator) is a Bluefors LD400 cryogen-free dilution refrigerator located in McCullough 019. Dilford, Jr. was installed in summer 2017 and came online in summer 2018, and is well-suited for experiments requiring sub-kelvin temperatures and high-bandwidth coaxial lines.


BF4K, Dilford, Jr.’s fraternal twin, is a Bluefors LD-4K pulse tube cryostat located in McCullough 019. It was installed in summer 2017 and came online in winter 2018. With a sample temperature range of 2.8 K to 110 K, BF4K is a good match for measurements requiring high-bandwidth coaxial lines and flexible sample temperature control. For more details, see Review of Scientific Instruments¬†90, 063705 (2019).


Frieda, located in McCullough 018, is a “wet” helium-4 cryostat, which is shared between the Moler lab and the scanning SQUID microscopy user facility. Frieda is optimized for fast turn-around low-frequency measurements near 4 K.


Egon is a helium-4 dunker cryostat located in McCullough 018.


Beatrice is a 300 mK helium-3 cryostat located in McCullough 018.


Dilford (Sr.) is a “wet” dilution refrigerator located in a shielded room in McCullough 018.