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Tools for Qualitative Researchers—Informed Consent Policy

Informed consent is an important part of any research projects that involve human subjects. It requires that the subject is aware of the potential risks the project may involve, and agree to participate voluntarily. Any researcher with the intent to use human subjects in his/her research is urged to check with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at his/her own university concerning the approval process of any research projects involving human subjects.

What should a Consent Form include?

Sample Consent Form

Sample Administrative Consent Form


Informed Consent Checklist

An informed consent form should include the following for the respondent to read and sign.

  1. A statement of the study’s objectives and methods
  2. How the respondent was chosen
  3. What will be asked of the respondent
  4. Who will have access to the respondent’s materials
  5. A description of reasonably foreseeable risks or discomforts and of reasonably expectable benefits
  6. A statement that participation is voluntary and that respondents’ questions will be answered fully
  7. What will be published
  8. To whom questions should be directed



Sample Informed Consent Form (PDF)

An Administrative Consent Form is used when the researcher needs to video/audio-tape the interview or other activities. 

Sample Administrative Consent Form (PDF)




Resources on this Page

Informed Consent Checklist

Informed Consent Form

Administrative Consent Form


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