The Pritchard Lab: How to apply

We welcome applications from prospective students and postdocs.

We seek highly motivated and creative scientists to join our group. Our lab has a great mix of smart, interactive people from a wide range of backgrounds including genetics/genomics, population genetics and stat-gen, and quantitative fields like CS/math/stats. Our goal is that everyone should have the resources and support that they need to be successful, and our past lab members have an outstanding track record of going on to successful careers in academia and industry (see the lower section of the Lab Members page).

Our lab is situated in computational space in the Clark Center, centrally located on the Stanford campus. We enjoy a highly supportive and interactive environment. This includes chatting around the espresso machine, and daily lunch together on the Clark Center balcony (weather permitting--which is nearly every day, this is northern California after all). Lab members also participate in the active communities in genomics and population genetics at Stanford and in the Bay Area more broadly. Please feel free to contact Jonathan Pritchard to ask about openings in the lab.

Applications from women, and all other under-represented groups are particularly encouraged.

Current ongoing projects focus on various aspects of interpreting genetic variation: effects of variation on gene regulation and the architecture of complex traits, including a growing interest in gene regulatory networks; as well as a broad range of questions in human history, evolution, and population genetics. Moreover, we have very broad interests, and would be happy to think about a wide range of questions in diverse organisms -- feel free to pitch us something new. Successful applicants will have considerable latitude to design new projects.

Our group is primarily computational, but we do have close ties to several wet lab groups and jointly-mentored wet-dry projects are encouraged. We have recent and/or current co-mentored trainees with Alexis Battle (Johns Hopkins), Maria Barna, Ami Bhatt, Hunter Fraser, Will Greenleaf, Alex Marson (UCSF), Aviv Regev (Genentech), and Joanna Wysocka. Trainees are welcome to propose new collaborations.

Postdocs. We consider postdoctoral applications on a rolling basis, depending on fit to the lab and available space. To apply for a postdoc position, please email Jonathan the following: (i) a CV; (ii) information describing your research skills and experience; (iii) your goals and research interests for your postdoc training; (iv) when you would hope to start, and any other relevant details about timing; and (v) contact details for three references.

Postdoctoral applicants are expected to have a background in a relevant biological field, or to come from a quantitative field (such as statistics or computer science) and have a demonstrated interest in genetics or evolution. I also welcome applications from trainees with strong experimental skills to work on collaborative wet-dry projects.

PhD Applicants. PhD applications should go through one of the relevant programs (e.g., Biology, Genetics, BioMedical Informatics). There is a single application deadline each fall. Admission decisions are made by departments collectively (and not by individual faculty). Nonetheless, pre-application inquiries to Jonathan are encouraged -- it can be very helpful for me to know about your application, and I can advise you on which program is likely to suit your background and interests best. Please send me your cv and describe your research interests.

Rotation Students. Please contact Jonathan to discuss. We welcome students from a broad range of fields including life-sciences programs as well as from quantitative fields such as CS, Statistics, etc. We have occasionally had students from other fields such as anthropology.

Undergraduates. Please contact Jonathan to discuss. Undergraduates should have strong computational or quantitative skills and an interest in biological questions.