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Pritchard Lab, Stanford University

Download sample data sets for Structure

This page links to a few sample data sets in Structure format.

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Simulated microsatellite test data. These data are included in the download package as testdata1 . The data are simulated microsatellite data with 200 diploid individuals from 2 populations; LABEL=1, POPDATA=1, POPFLAG=1, NUMLOCI=5, PLOIDY=2, MISSING=-999, ONEROWPERIND=0.

AFLP data from whitefish. These data are provided courtesy of Louis Bernatchez. Structure analysis of the data was described briefly by Falush et al 2007. The top row of the data file indicates that '0' is the recessive allele at every locus. You will need to set RECESSIVEALLELES=1, LABEL=1, POPDATA=1, NUMLOCI=440, PLOIDY=2, MISSING=9 (sic), ONEROWPERIND=0.

SNP and microsatellite data from the HGDP. Data from the Human Genome Diversity Panel can be downloaded [here] from Noah Rosenberg's website.

Thrush data from original Structure paper can be downloaded [here] . These data are provided courtesy of Peter Galbusera. Format: LABEL=1, POPDATA=1, NUMLOCI=7, MISSING=-9, ONEROWPERIND=0. Population Codes: 1=C, 2=M, 3=N, 4=Y.

Simulated microsatellite data with location information (for Version 2.3) can be downloaded [here]. See Hubisz et al (2009) for details of the model. Format: LABEL=1, LOCDATA=1, EXTRACOLS=5, NUMLOCI=10, MISSING=-9, PLOIDY=2. These data were simulated with K=5 under the admixture model, and assuming 25 sampling locations. The data in the 5 EXTRACOLs give the true value of q for each individual.