Rosenberg lab at Stanford University
Rosenberg Lab, December 2019: Front: Gili Greenbaum, Jaehee Kim, Susan Mello, Alissa Severson, Airam Blancas, Alyssa Fortier; Back: Xiran Liu, Kayla Denton, Egor Alimpiev, Danny Cotter, Noah Rosenberg.

Noah Rosenberg, principal investigator. [brief bio]
Egor Alimpiev, undergraduate. Egor is a member of the undergraduate class of 2022, majoring in Mathematics. In high school, Egor conducted genomics research in Drosophila, using both laboratory and bioinformatics techniques. Egor's studies in the lab focus on combinatorics of evolutionary trees, coalescent theory, and mathematical population genetics. (Oct 2018 - present)
Daniel Cotter (Danny), Ph.D. student (Genetics Ph.D. program). Danny received a B.S. in 2018 from Arizona State University, majoring in Biological Sciences (Genetics, Cell and Developmental Biology) and minoring in Mathematics. His undergraduate research examined genetic diversity on the X chromosome, focusing on differences between pseudoautosomal and non-recombining regions. In the lab, Danny's work is in the areas of theoretical and human population genetics, particularly in relation to identity by descent, runs of homozygosity, the X chromosome. His work is supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. (Jan 2019 - present)
Kaleda Denton (Kayla), Ph.D. student (Ecology and Evolution Ph.D. program). Kayla completed her B.S. in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution at the University of California, Los Angeles. As an undergraduate, she performed research on evolutionary and ecological aspects of animal and human behavior — on such topics as foraging algorithms in Argentine ants, birdsong syntax during vocal interactions in Cassin's vireo, and evolution of human moral norms. Her research interests are in evolution of behavior, cultural evolution, and mathematical modeling in evolutionary biology. Her work is supported by a Stanford Graduate Fellowship. Joint with Feldman lab. (Sep 2018 - present)
Elyssa Hofgard, undergraduate. Elyssa is a member of the undergraduate class of 2021, majoring in Physics with minors in Mathematics and History. She is also studying for a coterminal master's in Computational and Mathematical Engineering. Elyssa has performed research in a variety of areas, including particle physics, climate modeling, genome-wide association, and imaging-based cancer detection. Elyssa's studies in the lab focus on population-genetic data analysis and human genetic variation. (Mar 2021 - present)
Jaehee Kim, postdoc. Jaehee completed her B.A. in Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University, and her Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford University. For her Ph.D. work, involving both experiment and theory, she examined the dynamics of a light-induced isomerization of an organic molecule. Jaehee's research interests in the lab include topics in population-genetic dynamical systems, forensic genetics, statistical methods in population genetics, and mathematical phylogenetics. (Oct 2015 - present)
Matt King, undergraduate. Matt is a member of the undergraduate class of 2021, majoring in Mathematics. He is also studying for a coterminal master's degree in Computer Science. In addition to his work in the lab, Matt is also conducting research in the area of analytic number theory. In the lab, Matt's studies focus on combinatorics of evolutionary trees. (Mar 2021 - present)
Xiran Liu, Ph.D. student (Computational and Mathematical Engineering Ph.D. program). Xiran completed her B.S. in Systems Science and Engineering and in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. Her undergraduate research focused on machine learning applications, including in tumor classification. Xiran's research interests are in coalescent theory, network approaches, and numerical and computational methods for population genetics. (Jun 2019 - present)
Alessandra Maranca, undergraduate. Alessandra is a member of the undergraduate class of 2024, majoring in Mathematics. In addition to mathematics, her academic interests include biology, computer science, and humanities. Alessandra's studies in the lab focus on combinatorics of evolutionary trees. (Feb 2021 - present)
Jazlyn Mooney, postdoc. Jazlyn completed her B.S. in Anthropology in Biology at the University of New Mexico. She completed her Ph.D. in Genetics and Genomics at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her Ph.D. examined runs of homozygosity, identity by descent, demographic history and selection, and population genetics of disease. She has conducted studies in human populations as well as in samples from dogs and wolves. Jazlyn's research interests in the lab include a variety of topics in population genomics, including the study of deleterious variation, genomic sharing, and admixture. She is supported by a Stanford CEHG fellowship. (Sep 2020 - present)
Maike Morrison, PhD student (Ecology and Evolution Ph.D. program). Maike completed her B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Texas, Austin. Her undergraduate research spanned a range of topics at the intersection of math, statistics, and population biology, including phylogenetics and phylogeography of cyanobacteria, disease ecology of brucellosis in elk, mathematical epidemiology of COVID-19, biostatistical analysis of vaccination, and genome-wide association analysis of immunological traits. Maike's research in the lab covers many aspects of mathematical genetics, with a current focus on population structure. Maike is supported by a Stanford Graduate Fellowship. (Sep 2020 - present)
Susan Mello, administrative associate. Susan is an experienced administrative associate who has worked in a variety of workplace settings, including financial, legal, non-profit, and education. She joins us most recently from Sacramento, and before that, Atlanta. Susan provides expert administrative support for the lab's research and education activities. (Oct 2015 - present)
Noah Rosenberg, Alessandra Maranca, Maike Morrison, Danny Cotter, Matt King, Xiran Liu (Foothills Park, July 2021).
Filippo Disanto, Alan Aw, Susan Mello, Jonathan Kang, Jaehee Kim, Ilana Arbisser, Rohan Mehta, Olga Kamneva, Doc Edge, Amy Goldberg, Nicolas Alcala, Lawrence Uricchio, Noah Rosenberg (Stanford, June 2016).
Rohan Mehta, Arbel Harpak, Olga Kamneva, Amy Goldberg, Noah Rosenberg, Jonathan Kang (Waddell Beach, September 2013)

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