IWSHM Company & Institution Exhibition

The focus of the workshop is to promote applications of SHM technologies and to encourage interaction between industry and academia. We place significant emphasis on industrial applications including aerospace, ground transportation systems, and civil infrastructures.

Please register your company or institution by filling out the registration form with a brief description of the product that you wish to display or demonstrate. Upon completion of the selection process you will be invited to reserve a booth space.

The package includes:

  • Lunches
  • Networking BBQ
  • Exhibitor listed on final program and website.
  • Booth size: TBD, around 10’x10’
  • Table size: 3’x8’
  • Chairs: 2
  • Internet availability
  • Note: exhibition is outdoors in shaded area, power provided

Please apply to the exhibition by filling out the following form:

Application Form

You will need to provide a brief description of your display or demonstration. Invitations to register for booth space will be granted to qualified organizations on a first come, first serve basis until June 15, 2015, at which time acceptances will be determined by the remaining space.

You are also encouraged to participate in a special session, SHM in Action, which provides a unique opportunity to combine product demonstration with podium discussion. The separate registration for SHM in action is available at:

SHM in Action

Samples of selected organizations that will participate in the exhibition at the coming workshops are listed below:

Ambher Monitoring Systems LLC Structural Health Monitoring solutions in the Americas with most of our work based in Mexico and Latin America.
Micron Optics, Inc. Micron Optics, Inc., is an established leader of innovative optical components and laser-based equipment that advance the quality of optical measurements, allowing the sensing, imaging and telecommunications industries to make the critical measurements they need.
Kinemetrics Open Systems & Services Specializing in seismic and structural monitoring systems, our complete array of comprehensive services and systems are designed to protect human lives, capital assets, and critical infrastructure investments around the globe.
Civionics Civionics was established in 2009 to provide wireless sensing and embedded control solutions to the structural health monitoring community and beyond. Civionics' wireless acquisition hardware and intelligent processing architecture provides our customers with a scalable means with which to make intelligent decisions in real-time. We strive to use our experience building intelligent wireless systems for civil, naval, aerospace, and wind energy applications to create a safer and more efficient world.
Acellent Acellent Technologies Inc. provides state-of-the-art Structural Health Monitoring systems including SMART Layers, diagnostic hardware and software platforms. The systems can be used for active and/or passive monitoring of composite and metal structure on-board or off-board a platform. Acellent’s products are used in several different markets including aircraft, spacecraft, automobiles and pipelines.
Metis Design The Metis Design Corporation (MDC) is a small technical consulting firm specializing in multi-disciplinary solutions for the defense & aerospace industry. Our focus over the last decade has been structural health monitoring (SHM) and multifunctional materials (such as CNT-based anti-icing). MDC has a diverse staff of engineers and a robust IP portfolio designed to deliver novel solutions for challenging real-life applications.
Structures And Composites Laboratory at Stanford Structures And Composites Laboratory (SACL) is in the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics at Stanford University. The main focus of the group is to build intelligent and light-weight structures, with emphasis on structural health monitoring.
Smart Fibres ltd Since the 1990's, Smart Fibres has been active with pioneering projects to introduce optical fiber sensing systems to many application areas. This work continues, both under our direct control, and through our growing network of international partners.
Simontic Composite, Inc. Innovators for the next generation composites. A leader in 3D braided and woven composites, complex shape high temperature carbon-carbon composites, fire resistant core materials. Simontic Composite creates and manufactures composite structures for application in aerospace, military, marine, automotive, infrastructures, transportations, biomedical and niche market needs. The capabilities include subsystem integration of composite structures, including sensors, radars, electronics and other systems to create a robust unitized structure.
Optilab, LLC Optilab, a photonics technology company, designs, manufactures and markets innovative and cost-effective laser and photonics solutions to its customer's systems. The innovative products include FBG Sensing Interrogator (FSI), FBG Analyzer, FBG’s Qualification, and LIDAR products. The FBG sensor interrogators span 3 models: FSI-OEM is a compact, rugged, dynamic interrogator module designed for demanding aerospace applications while FSI-OD is a weather resistant, water proof interrogator system designed for demanding outdoor applications. The indoor, single 1U applications are carried out by FSI-RM with 18 channels, 10Hz to 2kHz sweep rate. The recent expansion in research and development facilities marks a milestone for Optilab.
Xlab The EXtreme Environment Microsystems Laboratory (XLab) is a part of the Aero/Astro Department at Stanford University. We are focused on the development of micro- and nano-systems for operation within extreme harsh environments. Researchers in the XLab are investigating the synthesis of temperature tolerant, chemically resistant and radiation-hardened wide bandgap semiconductor thin films and nanostructures. These new material sets serve as a platform for the realization of sensor, actuator and electronic components that can operate and collect data under the most hostile conditions. More specifically, smart and adaptable structures for extreme environments are enabled through the technology developed in the XLab. Our research efforts support a variety of applications including deep space systems, hypersonic aircrafts, combustion monitoring and subsurface monitoring.
Luna Luna has developed high resolution, distributed measurement technology that has revolutionized strain and temperature sensing. Its unique fiber-optic technology offers a more complete and cost-effective way to measure strain using lightweight optical fiber as the sensing element. Measurements are distributed along the entire fiber, providing thousands of individual sensing points.
Composites Design Group Composites Design Group at Stanford University's Aeronautics & Astronautics offers online design workshops, publishes books and develops design tools for composites industry around the world. A brand new book on invariants greatly simplifies design and testing of composite materials will be on sale with a special price of US$80 for IWSHM. Books will be delivered onsite. Please come to our booth and examine the book and meet the senior author Stephen Tsai.
Visualized Structural Health Monitoring laboratory The Visualized Structural Health Monitoring laboratory is devoted to develop state of the art quantitative guided wave evaluation methods for various structural components, from aluminum to composite materials. Wavenumber analysis based on multidimensional Fourier transform has shown promising results in guided wave propagation characterization. The approaches based on wavefield measurements acquired from scanning laser Doppler vibrometer have been successfully demonstrated on laminated composite plates for quantifying the impact induced delamination defects, in addition to crack full dimension quantification in aluminum plates. Our research results have been adopted for aerospace, civil, and nuclear applications.
LABORATORY FOR ACTIVE MATERIALS AND SMART STRUCTURES The research focus of LAMSS is on developing innovative sensor and enabling technologies for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and structural health monitoring (SHM) of aerospace, mechanical, infrastructure, and civil structures. LAMSS conducts research in the multidisciplinary fields of piezoelectric wafer active sensors (PWAS), fiber Bragg grating sensors (FBG), scanning laser Doppler vibrometry (SLDV), smart adaptive and multi-functional materials, emerging nano-sensors, energy harvesting, and mechatronics. The research strength of LAMSS covers the fundamentals of active sensor interaction with engineering structures, analytical and numerical modeling of structural sensing and sensor data fusion and processing methods. The long-term vision is to achieve the integration of mechanical, electronics, and information technology into smart active “skins” and “coating” that will provide on-demand bulletins of structural health and predicted future performance. Combining comprehensive research in active sensor, SHM, and NDE, LAMSS teams up with government and industrial partners to provide state-of-the-art solutions that will meet the requirement of military and civilian applications.
CEA LETI Leti is a Research & Technology Organization providing R&D services in the fields of microelectronics, micronanotechnologies and electronic systems. We run 8" and 12" wafer fabs for prototyping advanced devices (semiconductor, sensors, actuators) and we have system integration activities for various application sectors such as medical, transportation, telecommunication and smart buildings.
TE Connectivity TE Connectivity/Measurement Specialties, Inc. Global manufacturing facility that design and manufacture highly engineered connectors, sensors and electronic components essential in our increasingly connected world, and turn key cable assembly.
Redondo Optics, Inc. Redondo Optics, Inc. (ROI) is a world leader in cutting-edge fiber optic sensing technologies based on its unique use of advanced photonic integrated circuits (PIC) microchip technology that enables the design and production of miniature, lightweight, ultra-low power, and fast sampling rates fiber sensor interrogation systems. Redondo Optics produces physical, chemical, and biological sensor system with applications in avionics and aerospace, renewable energy, civil and mechanical engineering, medical and biomedical, and defense and security.
LANL-UCSD Engineering Institute (EI) The LANL-UCSD Engineering Institute (EI) is a research and education collaboration between Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Univ. of California San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering. The EI focuses on multidisciplinary engineering science that integrates the following fundamental engineering technology areas: Complex predictive modeling; Novel sensing systems and New developments in information technology. To date much of this research has been focused on developing hardware and software solutions to a broad set of structural health monitoring problem.
Intelligent Fiber Optic Systems Corporation (IFOS) IFOS develops innovative fiber optic sensing solutions for condition monitoring of crucial assets deployed from lithosphere to thermosphere and beyond. IFOS is the provider of choice for optical sensing solutions in the energy, aerospace, and medical markets, and a trusted partner to government agencies in research at the photonics frontier.