Omni-Directional Base and Camera Turret for PR1

Project Description

This was the proof-of-concept omnidirectional platform for the PR1 mobile base designed and fabricated by Reuben Brewer in the Salisbury Robotics Lab, Stanford University, Summer/Fall 2006.  This design was later adapted by Willow Garage for the PR2 mobile base. The base consists of 4 omnidirectional wheels, and each omnidirectional wheel has 3 independent DOF (2 wheels and 1 turret that spins about the azimuth). The extra turret DOF was added for redundancy in case one of the rubber wheels became stuck such that the omnidirectional wheel could no longer spin by driving the rubber wheels differentially.

Omniboard YouTube Video 1

Omniwheel YouTube Video 1

Omniboard YouTube Video 2

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Funding Sources

Funded by private donors.

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