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Topics:   Sea Level Rise / Human Activity and Light Pollution

Rogelio Bernal Andreo Below and Above

Below and Above conveys intertwining narratives: As the human-made sign calls to mind Earth's rising sea level in response to human activity, the vast arch of the Milky Way reminds viewers “down here” of our place in the Universe, while demonstrating how much of the night sky we're losing to light pollution. (Who looks up anymore, when there's so little left to see?)

Astrophotography, as this image shows, can simultaneously encourage us consider the effects of sea level rise, such as the 3-inch inundation of salt water into coastal habitats since 1993, and the loss of the night sky and its possible influence, for example, on nocturnal migrants, like songbirds.

Rogelio Bernal Andreo   Sunnyvale, CA USA

Title:   Below and Above

Date:   2016
Medium:   astrophotography
Dimensions:   up to 152 cm x 64 cm (up to 60" x 25")
framed or unframed

Giclee prints available for display or purchase through Artist's Website:    Deep Sky Colors

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