Science Art-Nature presents Challenges of Climate Change
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The exhibit rollout began January, 2020. It continues.




October, 2019    Thomas Anderson Rousseau Walks on Trumpet Paths

January, 2020    Tony Angell Emissaries

October, 2019 Rogelio Bernal Andreo Below and Above

December, 2019    Chris Bacon Demoiselle Crane II

December, 2019    Study For A Day In May

August, 2019    Linda Besse Eye on the Prize
August, 2019      Five Muskox

January, 2020      Ice Bear

August, 2019    Carel Brest van Kempen Instant of Opportunity--
Spiny-headed Treefrog and Emerald Toucanets

September, 2019    Guy Coheleach At Ease

October, 2019    Andrew Denman Totem #3: Stacked Bighorns
October, 2019   


Totem #4: Stacked Burrowing Owls
October, 2019    Totem #6: Teton Totem, Stacked Ungulates with Ravens and Bald Eagle

May, 2020    Jay Jermyn Johnson Puffin Flight
May, 2020      Least Tern
May, 2020      Royal Albatross Approaching Land

September, 2019    Jonathan Minshull Tree of Life

August, 2019    Darryl Wheye Polar Bear and Spent Narwal Carcass

September, 2019    The Last Ivory-billed Woodpeckers