Science Art-Nature presents Challenges of Climate Change

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Topic: Recognizing Responsibility

                 Tony Angell Emissaries

Throughout history ravens have maintained a close association with humankind.  From native cultures in the Pacific Northwest to the traditions of Nordic myths people listened to the wisdom they believed the raven spoke to them.  Consider what these birds are telling us today of what we face in the challenges of climate change and a disregard of sustaining and restoring wild Nature.

Tony Angell   Seattle, WA USA

Title:   Emissaries

Species:   Common Raven (Corvus corax)
Date:   2006
Medium:   Bronze
Dimensions:   7' high x 7' deep x 5' across
Location:  Mt. Baker Ski Area Entry, Whatcom County, WA USA
artist's website:Tony

photo credit: Gavia Angell, M.L. Kittle