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Topics: Habitat Loss

Minshull Twilight painting

This image expresses compassion for the species losing their lives and habitats to urban sprawl and to expanding landuse for agriculture and livestock and calls attention to the Eurasian badger. To reduce the incidence of bovine tuberculosis in cattle, badgers are culled regularly although the efficacy of this practice is questioned, badger culls are widely considered cruel and inhumane, and vaccination is seen as a preferred long-term strategy. Southwestern populations of Eurasian badgers are facing range pattern shifts from both landscape and climate change.

The girl in the painting is gently holding and contemplating a badger skull as fire destroys a forest.


Jonathan Minshull   Glastonbury, United Kingdom

Title:   Twilight Prayer

Species:   Eurasian Badger (skull) (Meles meles)

Date:   February 2020
Medium:   Mural
Dimensions:   81cm x 81cm (32" x 32")
unframed, available for sale

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