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Habitat Loss
                        Jay Jocham Kirkland's Warbler

The links between industrial agriculture (large-scale farming, often utilizing chemicals) and climate change are multi-fold: Production is typically large-scale, energy-intensive and fossil-fuel based and thus contributes significantly to the warming of the planet. In central Wisconsin where I live, many fields cleared for farming were once thriving forests and home to carbon-capturing trees. Today, species, such as the Kirtland’s Warblers, that breed there are now severely endangered.

Science Art note from the curator: The Kirtland's Warbler also breeds in Michigan, and Ontario, Canada exclusively in stands of young, dense, scrubby jack pine forest at least 80 acres in size that are at risk to fire suppression policies.

Jay Jocham   Hancock, WI, USA

Title:   There Goes The Neighborhood

Species:   Kirtland’s warbler (Setophaga kirtlandii)

Date:   2016
Medium:   acrylic
Dimensions:   41 X 51cm (16 X 20”)
framed (available for display and sale)

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