Science Art-Nature presents Challenges of Climate Change Exhibit




Exhibit rollout began in August. It continues. Additional topics will be added. Some might be: Algae Blooms, Coral Reefs, Disease, Desert Expansion and Dust Storms, Excessive Heat, Fishing, Legal Protection, Pollinators, Trees and Forests, Warming Water, Wildfires


Topic Posting Date Artist Thumbnail

Adapting to Climate Change December, 2019 Chris Bacon

Altered Seasonal Timing (e.g., Early Spring) December, 2019 Chris Bacon
  October, 2019 Andrew Denman


Drought October, 2019 Andrew Denman

Extinction (including Threat of) September, 2019 Jonathan Minshull
E September, 2019 Darryl Wheye

Food Quality (Changes In)August, 2019 Guy Coheleach

Food Shortages August, 2019 Darryl Wheye
  August, 2019 Linda Besse
  August, 2019 Linda Besse
  October, 2019 Andrew Denman

Habitat Loss, Land Use (Effects of Human Activity) December, 2019 Chris Bacon
August, 2019 Carel Brest van Kempen
  August, 2019 Thomas Anderson
  August, 2019 Linda Besse
  August, 2019 Guy Coheleach
  October 2019 Andrew Denman

Hope December, 2019 Chris Bacon

Migration December, 2019 Chris Bacon

Population Growth (Human) Date:    

Pollution (Light) lNovember, 2019 Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Range (Changes in; Reduction in) December, 2019 Chris Bacon
  October, 2019 Andrew Denman

Reproductive Constraints August, 2019 Guy Coheleach

Sea Level Rise August, 2019 Thomas Anderson
  November, 2019 Rogelio Bernal Andreo

Species Diversity September, 2019 Jonathan Minshull