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Topic: Food Shortages
Musk Ox and Arctic Wolf by Linda Besse

While the polar bear might receive the bulk of attention because of our warming climate, it is not the only arctic land mammal struggling. The muskox relies on powdery snow covering his food source during the long winter months. Freezing rain, instead of snow, produces an impenetrable barrier as it encases the nutrient rich tundra.

Story of the painting: Above the Arctic Circle, I paddled a canoe 459 miles starting at the headwaters of the Noatak River in Gates of the Arctic National Park. The goal was to observe muskox in their natural habitat. And yes, there are five muskox in the piece. The Arctic wolves are targeting a calf standing behind the adults on the right. You can only see its hooves.

Linda Besse   Mead, WA USA

Title:   Five Muskox

Species:   Muskox (Ovibos moschatus); Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)
Date:   2018
Medium:   Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:   36cm x 71cm (14" x 28")
Available for online display and purchase