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Topics: Habitat Loss /Food Shortages
Siberian Tiger by Linda Besse

Not only is the Siberian tiger suffering from human encroachment, poaching, and a less resilient population due to inbreeding, but it is also at risk to food shortages as climate change alters its habitat. For example, the spruce and fur forests replacing Korean pine forests support fewer prey.

Painting story: The Siberian is the largest member of the cat family and can achieve a length of 10.5 feet (320 cm) from tip to tail. Many associate tigers with the jungles (tropical rainforests) of India, but the Siberian tiger, as its name suggests, roams the remote boreal forests of northeastern China and eastern Russia.

Linda Besse   Mead, WA USA

Title:   Eye on the Prize

Species:   Siberian Tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)
Date:   2018
Medium:   Oil on Canvas
Dimensions:   46 cm x 76 cm (18"x30")
Available for online display and purchase