Spark 04: March – July 2022

Spark Collaborators

Seed Spark team extends our sincere thanks to the following Spark Collaborators (incubators, Angel Network Chapters, Entrepreneurship Support Organizations) for nominating their high-potential entrepreneurs for Seed Spark 04 (March – July 2022) South Asia Cohort.

Note: Spark program admits entrepreneurs/startups only from our officially listed Spark Collaborators for each cohort. To enroll in the program, the entrepreneur must be a member or alumni of our Spark Collaborator participating in that cohort.

#List of Spark Collaborators for Seed Spark 04 Cohort
110,000 Startups NASSCOM
2AgHub, Hyderabad
3AIC SMU Technology Business Incubation Foundation
4All India Management Association Young Leaders Council
5Bangladesh Angels Network Limited
6COEP’s Bhau Institute of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership
7Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms
9Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship
10Educentre school of business
11Foundation for Innovation & Research at SASTRA Technology Business Incubator
12IKP Engineering Design Entrepreneurship Network
13National Incubation Center, Lahore University of Management Sciences
14Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum
15Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay
16T-Hub Foundation Hyderabad
18Technology Business Incubator @ Kongu Engineering College
19The Indus Entrepreneurs – Chennai
20The Indus Entrepreneurs – Hyderabad
21The Indus Entrepreneurs – Kerala
22Entrepreneurship Development Center
23Vellore Institute of Technology TBI
24Vel Tech TBI Chennai
25We Founder Circle Private Limited

Pitch Video Showcase Gallery

Among 140 Startups from various sectors that participated in this cohort, 100+ startups persevered, learned, and made it through the end. We have listed pitch videos of Top 20 of our high-potential Spark entrepreneurs. Listen to their value propositions, problems they solve, and solutions they provide.

Feel free to get in touch with them directly if you need more information or email us at for contact details.

Spark 04 Cohort Cash Prize Winners (Top 6 of the Top 20 Finalists)

Note: Top 06 cash prize winners are the selected few of Top 20 finalists. The Top 06 and rest of the Top 20 pitch videos are in presented in alphabetical order of entrepreneur’s first name. The list does not imply any rank or order.

Entrepreneur: Diptesh Mukherjee

Venture: Xen Agritech Private Limited

XEN Farms, an online network of hyper-productive Smart Natural Farms where end consumers can purchase freshly farm-picked and nutritious naturally grown produce at affordable farmgate prices directly from our trusted chain of farms such that farmers earn more.

XEN Farms pitch by Diptesh Mukherjee

Entrepreneur: Elizabeth Jean Thomas

Venture: Phonologix Health Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Phonologix is an assistive tech venture using an innovative & engaging digital platform with integrated online sessions to make speech therapy accessible to children with communication disorders, irrespective of where they are located.

Phonologix pitch video by Elizabeth Jean Thomas

Entrepreneur: Kajal Abdullah

Venture: Jahaji Ltd.

Jajaji is an one stop solution for cargo vessel chartering and tracking via a simple b2b app. Also, this app has an inbuilt job portal where standard vessel crew can be hired after verifying the background and experience.

Jahaji pitch video by Kajal Abdullah

Entrepreneur: Lakshmanan R

Venture: Backyard Creators Private Limited

Backyard Creators is building a world first Adhesive non Surgical hearing device for by birth and total hearing loss patients to overcome all the disadvantages of Implantation surgery by providing an non-surgical adhesive hearing aid.
Backyard Creators pitch video by Lakshmanan R

Entreprenur: Santhoshi Sushma Buddhiraju

Venture: Autocracy Machinery Private Limited

Autocracy provides industrial grade, precision machinery – trenchers to aid the quick delivery of pipeline networks and allied infra development giving precision trenches with predefined depth/width specifications resulting savings in time and manpower cost.

Autocracy Machinery pitch video by Santhoshi Sushma Buddhiraju

Entrepreneur: Serah John


Music Pandit provides engaging lessons, while building exposure and confidence with performance and artist interactions. With Music Pandit – students are guaranteed to play, perform and get certified.
MUSIC PANDIT pitch video by Serah John

Top 20 Finalists

Note: Arranged in Alphabetical order of entrepreneur name.

Entrepreneur: Aman Singal

Venture: Wizrupt

Wizrupt is developing the world’s 1st decentralized AI-powered digital information validation platform, incentivizing journalists while at the same time maintaining their anonymity.

Wizrupt pitch video by Aman Singal

Entrepreneur: Anuradha Balasubramanian


Centrado is an EdTech company promoting STEM education in schools. We are focused on accelerating the imagination of children to enable them to become more creative, globally competitive&problem solvers for the community, through our unique products.

CENTRADO TECH SOLUTIONS PVT LTD pitch video by Anuradha Balasubramanian

Entrepreneur: Arasi Arul

Venture: 60Plus India

60Plus India is an end-to-end parent management technology platform. We are an online aggregator platform focusing on personal, emotional, healthcare & data management, for the 40Million senior citizens living alone in India. 

60Plus India pitch video by Arasi Arul

Entrepreneur: Darshan Bawa

Venture: BodhiShishu

BodhiShishu offers age appropriate, structured meditation programs, specifically designed for kids in the age group of 4 to 12 years. We complement conventional schooling by providing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for overall development of children.

BodhiShishu pitch video by Darshan Bawa

Entrepreneur: Khushi Yagnik

Venture: Ezercon Medtech India Private Limited

At Ezercon, we aim to transform the assistive devices landscape to enable specially abled people be at par with a common man. Our first product, the “Patient transfer device” is the only transfer assistant a wheelchair user will ever require.

Ezercon Medtech pitch video by Khushi Yagnik

Entrepreneur: Mansi Kohli

Venture: tailZ

tailZ by Bark Park is a pet-tech company that makes pet-parenting fun & convenient and pets happy. We want everyone to experience unconditional love, care and joy by being around pets. The idea is to help pet-parents from decision making to caring.
tailZ- Bark Park Services Private Limited pitch video by Mansi Kohli

Entrepreneur: Nimra Qureshi

Venture: SeeVitals Solutions

SeeVitals provides a remote patient monitoring device that measures vitals continuously while generating health analytics and data trends with an EARLY warning system, all of this while being contactless!

SeeVitals Solutions pitch video by Nimra Qureshi

Entrepreneur: Rajat Pandya

Venture: FaunaTech Solutions Private Limited

Faunatech provides a novel smartphone-based handheld diagnostics platform for early detection of critical diseases, monitoring cattle health, screening milk quality at the farm level and reducing antibiotic usage.

FaunaTech Solutions Private Limited pitch video by Rajat Pandya

Entrepreneur: Ram Chaitanya Nellore

Venture: Ecowiser (formerly Be Zen, a part of Thrivingzen OPC Pvt Ltd)

For consumers who desire convenient and trustworthy choices, Be Zen is a recommendation platform that provides a plethora of reliable and affordable sustainable products.

Be Zen pitch video by Ram Chaitanya Nellore

Entrepreneur: Shazia Usman

Venture: – a one-stop online platform for sustainable living, aims to give all citizens, an alternate choice across all lifestyles for daily gifting and festive needs. pitch video by Shazia Usman

Entrepreneur: Shoba Alladi

Venture: OKBOSS (Aurum Consumer Services Private Limited)

OKBOSS is a pay-as-you-go Personal Assistant service that enables to assign bespoke tasks that are completed by our Service Partners. People having time constraints or difficulty to find resources benefit out of an affordable Personal Assistant.

OKBOSS pitch video by Shoba Alladi

Entrepreneur: Shreesha Yajaman

Venture: Flabrr (FoodTechnics Private Limited)

Flabrr is a Bangalore-based kitchen automation startup working with a vision to make cooking flatbreads (roti, chapati, shawarma, etc.,) hassle-free and more accessible to everyone in the household.

Flabrr pitch video by Shreesha Yajaman

Entrepreneur: Shreya Katuwal

Venture: BiheNepal

BiheNepal is a dating/matrimonial app tailor-made for Nepali society, providing singles a platform to find their life partner.

BiheNepal pitch video by Shreya Katuwal

Entrepreneur: Sivamallikarjuna Reddy

Venture: Aodh Health

Aodh health is a federated patient-centric health-tech platform. Our platform integrated with existing hospital workflows, automated hospital operations and helps in real-time digitization of medical data.

Aodh Health pitch video by Sivamallikarjuna Reddy


Feel free to reach out to any start-up(s) or founder(s) that you find interesting and would like to know more about.

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