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Thanks a bunch!

Zenshin Daiko 4th Annual Taiko Festival

We'd like to thank Zenshin Daiko for inviting us to "learn their secrets," and for all of their generosity during our stay in Maui. Thanks to Tony and Valerie Jones, "Uncle" Bill and Uemura, and all the other parents who gave their time (and food!). To the children of Zenshin Daiko, thanks for being enthusiastic about taiko, and for hanging out with us lame college students.

Thanks to Mark Miyoshi as well for sharing some of his tricks of the trade. We were fortunate enough to attend his workshops at the 2003 North American Taiko Conference.

We are indebted to ASSU Special Fees and The Stanford Fund, which helped fund our trip to Maui, as well as the Stanford President's Scholar Program that funded the creation of this manual.

ST in Maui

Lastly, thanks to the various members of Stanford Taiko who made this project possible. Thanks to Scott Huckaby and LaCona Woltmon for planning our trip to Maui, thanks to Julian Flores, Victor Lin, and Alix Koyama for taking notes and pictures, and thanks to Steve Sano and Linda Uyechi who have supported us in so many ways over the years. Thanks to everybody in ST for working hard on those drums!

If you have any questions or comments about this manual, please contact Dylan Solomon.


Drum manual written by Alix Koyama and Dylan Solomon.
Please visit the Acknowledgements page to see the many people who helped us with this project.