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Initial conditions

The initial velocity field is quiescent, the initial free surface height is 0, and the initial density distribution is defined in the function ReturnSalinity in initialization.c as

  return -.001*tanh(2.0*2.6467/5*(x-50.0));
Because $\beta=1$ in suntans.dat (the parameter beta), this is also the initial density distribution, since $(\rho-\rho_0)/\rho_0 = \beta(s-s_0)$ More generally, then, this density distribution is given by

\frac{\rho}{\rho_0} = -\frac{1}{2}\frac{\Delta\rho}{\rho_0}
...anh}^{-1}(\alpha)}{\delta}\left(x-\frac{L}{2}\right)\right] ,

where and is shown in Figure 9.
Figure 9: Initial density distribution in $x$-$z$ (a) and as a profile at $x=L/2$ (b) for the lock exchange test case.