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With numerical data on approx. 100 thermodynamic and physical properties, which are combinable with 25 conditions and 22 equilibrium types, InfothermĀ® numerically covers nearly all thermodynamically and physically relevant questions relating to the registered compounds. Mixtures can be defined and systematically searched for in the expert search mode. This is the main emphasis of the database.

As a rule, chemical engineering as well as process technology deal with mixtures, whose properties can only be calculated using complex numerical methods, whereby significant deviations from experimental results may still occur. InfothermĀ® is an invaluable and unique tool for every chemical engineer or process engineer for chemical plant construction, as it offers safety by comparing calculated or estimated values with experimental results. The hit list of the retrieved data sets is ordered, among other criteria, by the reliability of the measuring method about which the user is also informed. Results include bibliographic reference for data.

Type of data: Experimental thermodynamic and physical properties of mixtures and pure substances from a total of 34,000 compounds
Database growth: About 1,000 tables per month
Content: 400,000 tables and diagrams of PVT state values, phase equilibrium data, transport and surface properties, caloric, optical and acoustic properties
Material types: 75% organic, 20% inorganic and 5% organometallic compounds with the focus on solvents
Sources: 34,300 publications from journals and reports as well as measurement protocols and data collections in printed and electronic format, from 1919 to present
Free of charge: 1655 tables of selected mixtures and 6386 tables of selected pure compunds
Producer: FIZ CHEMIE Berlin
Last data update: 2009-07-07
Version: InfoTherm, release 3.0 (2009-05-25)

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