Arenavirus 2000

Arenavirus 1999 Arenavirus 1998


Witney McKiernan and Katrina Abuabara

# Introduction
# Update 2000
New Findings from 1999
Useful Arenavirus Web Links
# Viral Profiles

# Pathogen Cards
Lassa, WEEV, HPV-18
HPV-1, Parainfluenzavirus-4, Astrovirus-2
#Drug Profile

This student web page was created for the Humans and Viruses course at Stanford University. This page builds on the previous arenavirus pages of students Jennifer Jolley and Shaun Kunnavatana. Please consult all three pages for a comprehensive look at the arenavirus family.


Humans and Viruses
Human Biology 115A
Winter, 2000
Robert Siegel, instructor

Created: February 1, 2000
Last modified: November 26, 2000