Bornaviridae: Borna Disease Virus

Drug Profile

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A Potential THerapeutic: AMANDTADINE SULFATE

The antiviral drug amantadine sulfate may be a potential treatment for BDV. It has been demonstrated in vitro to inhibit wild-type BDV replication and spread of infection.  Amantadine has recently been used to successfully improve clinical symptoms of depression in humans. The antiviral is commonly used as a therapeutic agent for Parkinson's Disease. Its antiviral therapeutic actions are most frequently used against Influenza A.

Mechanism of Action:
             As an antiviral, amantadine sulfate acts to block the virion from active infection either through     
             preventing penetration or through decapsidation. It is thought to help in treating mood disorders and           
             Parkinson's Disease by actively enhancing dopamine synthesis and release in the brain.
Side Effects:
            Frequent side effects of amantadine sulfate include nauseau, vomiting, and anorexia. Other side effects,         
            such as mania, may occur infrequently.
Mode of Administration:
            Oral; The antiviral is reabsorbed by the digestive tract.