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Human Papillomavirus Virus 6 and 11

Anogenital Warts

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Incubation is on average 2.8 months but the range may be from 3 weeks to 8 months.


Warts can be seen as a sexually transmitted disease (STD). There is a definite correlation with measures of sexual promiscuity along with other STDs. It is extremely common. Genital warts in children may be from sexual contact (usually sexual abuse) or inoculation during delivery. The actual lesions may increase in size or number during pregnancy.

Symptomatology and Outcome

This infection affects the genital skin and mucosa including the vaginal tract, cervix, and anal canal. There may be a wide range of clinical manifestations that may include asymptomatic and self-limiting to persistent and even leading to cancers. Penile lesions occur usually after sexual contact from a woman with cervical intraepitheal neoplasm. Condylomas, which are these genital warts, usually occur in multiples and are usually on the external genitalia and anus.

Prevention and Management

Prevention of genital warts goes along with the many preventive measures taken to prevent the exposure to other STDs. These may include the use of a condom, less sexual promiscuity, and perhaps even abstinence (may give you 100% protection). Protection by condoms for women is not investigated as well as it has been for men, however. The new prospective vaccine that is mainly being made to prevent cervical cancer due to HPV 16 and 18 may include these strains that cause genital warts as well.
The treatment includes very similar methods used for common warts and plantar warts. See that page ***. One addition may be that the topical application includes imiquimod which is an immunomodulating agent used to stimulate interferons and other cytokines. In addition, depending on the case severity there may be cervical dysplasia that may entail surgical cryotherapy, electrosurgical excision repair, and laser.