Arto Anttila

Arto Anttila

Department of Linguistics
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2150

Phone: (650) 724-4611
Fax: (650) 723-5666

Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
Adjunct Professor (dosentti) in General Linguistics, University of Helsinki

Ph.D., Stanford University 1998 (Linguistics)
M.A., University of Helsinki 1990 (General Linguistics and English Philology)


Phonology, morphology, syntax, metrics, language variation

Recent work:

Wagner, Michael and Arto Anttila. 2021. What is deaccentuation? Targeted Collaborative Debate. The 44th GLOW Colloquium, April 16, 2021. (abstract)

Anttila, Arto. 2021. Finnish Consonant Gradation is a stochastic phonotactic constraint. Fonologi i Norden (FiNo 2021), University of Helsinki/Zoom. (slides)

Anttila, Arto and Naomi Shapiro. 2020. Studying sentence stress using corpus data. A handout from a workshop on intonation held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting on Phonology 2020 (AMP 2020), UC Santa Cruz. (handout)

Anttila, Arto, Timothy Dozat, Daniel Galbraith, and Naomi Shapiro. 2020. Sentence stress in presidential speeches. In Gerrit Kentner and Joost Kremers (eds.), Prosody in Syntactic Encoding, Walter De Gruyter: Berlin/Boston, pp. 17-50. (official website)

Anttila, Arto and Adams Bodomo. 2019. Downstep in Dagaare. Talk presented at the 50th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL50), Vancouver, BC, May 24, 2019. (handout)

Anttila, Arto, Scott Borgeson, and Giorgio Magri. 2019. Equiprobable mappings in weighted constraint grammars. In SIGMORPHON 2019: Proceedings of the 16th SIGMORPHON Workshop on Computational Research in Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology. (best paper) (paper, slides)

Anttila, Arto and Adams Bodomo. 2019. Metrically conditioned vowel length in Dagaare. In Emily Clem, Peter Jenks & Hannah Sande (eds.), Theory and description in African Linguistics: Selected papers from the 47th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, pp. 21-39. Berlin: Language Science Press [preliminary version] (paper, proceedings)

Borgeson, Scott, Ryan Heuser, Arto Anttila, and Paul Kiparsky. 2018. The rise and fall of antimetricality. (draft)

Anttila, Arto. 2018. Variation in phonology. In Mark Aronoff (ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Oxford University Press, New York. (paper)

Anttila, Arto and Giorgio Magri. 2018. Does MaxEnt Overgenerate? Implicational Universals in Maximum Entropy Grammar. In Gallagher, Gillian, Maria Gouskova, and Sora Yin (eds.), Proceedings of the 2017 Annual Meeting on Phonology. Washington, DC: Linguistic Society of America (paper)

Anttila, Arto. 2017. Stress, phrasing, and auxiliary contraction in English. In Vera Gribanova and Stephanie Shih (eds.), The Morphosyntax-Phonology Connection: Locality and Directionality at the Interface, Oxford University Press. pp. 143-170. (OUP web site for the book)

Anttila, Arto and Jong-Bok Kim. 2017. Locality and variation in Finnish structural case, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 35(3), 581-634. (paper)

Anttila, Arto and Naomi Tachikawa Shapiro. 2017. The Interaction of Stress and Syllabification: Serial or Parallel? In Aaron Kaplan, Abby Kaplan, Miranda K. McCarvel, and Edward J. Rubin (eds.), Proceedings of the 34th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, Cascadilla Proceedings Project, Somerville, MA, USA. pp. 52-61. (abstract, paper)


CoGeTo (Giorgio Magri & Arto Anttila 2019): Convex Geometry Tools for studying categorical and probabilistic typologies in Optimality Theory, Harmonic Grammar, and MaxEnt grammar. Joint work with Giorgio Magri.

Prosodic (Ryan Heuser, Joshua Falk & Arto Anttila 2010-). A web app for the automatic phonological analysis and metrical scansion of English and Finnish. For an application, see Anttila, Arto and Ryan Heuser. 2016. Phonological and metrical variation across genres, Proceedings of 2015 Annual Meeting on Phonology, Linguistic Society of America, Washington DC. (paper)

T-Order Generator (Curtis Andrus & Arto Anttila 2006). A Python program for computing T-orders, last updated August 31, 2010. For a short introduction, see Anttila, Arto. and Curtis Andrus. 2006. T-Orders. Manuscript and software. (pdf)

OTOrder (Alex Djalali & Cameron Jeffers 2015). A web app for working with Partial Order OT.


More papers, handouts, slides, and abstracts

Analyzing Typological Structure: From Categorical to Probabilistic Phonology. Talks from a workshop held at Stanford, September 22, 2018.

Spoken Syntax Lab

Constraint Grammar of English

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