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Recent papers, and some older ones (.pdf)

o Retrospect and Prospect. Annual Review of Linguistics, Vol. 9, 2023.

o A Stratal OT Perspective on Vowel Harmony. In Nancy Ritter and Harry v.d. Hulst (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Vowel Harmony. Oxford University Press, 2023.

o Domains of Vowel Harmony. In Nancy Ritter and Harry v.d. Hulst (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Vowel Harmony. Oxford University Press, 2023.

o Interview by Ashwini Deo. 2022. SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics 19,2:117-132.

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o Linguistics Then and Now: The View from NELS. NELS 50: Proceedings of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, Vol. 2 , 101-118. Ed. by Mariam Asatryan, Yixiao Song, and Ayana Whitmal. UMass GLSA, 2020.

o Metered Verse. 2020. Annual Review of Linguistics, 6: 25-44.

o The Grammar of the Elements. 2019. (with Abhik Ghosh). American Scientist 219: 350-355.

o Morphological Units: Stems. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. 2020.

o Level Ordering and Opacity in Tetsotine: a Stratal OT Account. (With Alessandro Jaker). 2020. Phonology 37(4): 617-655.

o The Rise and Fall of Antimetricality. Scott Borgeson, Arto Anttila, Ryan Heuser, Paul Kiparsky. Draft.

o Morris Halle (1923-2018). Studia Metrica et Phonologica, 5(2): 115-125 (2018).

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o Notes on Finnish Nonfinite Clauses. In Cleo Condoravdi and Tracy King (eds.) Tokens of Meaning: Essays in Honor of Lauri Karttunen. Stanford, CA: CSLI Publications, 2018.

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o Greek Anaphora in Cross-Linguistic Perspective. Journal of Greek Linguistics 12: 84-117, 2012. Available online at

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o Panini, Variation, and Orthoepic Diaskeuasis. AS/EA 66:327-335, 2012.

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o Review of N. Fabb & M. Halle, Meter in Poetry. Language, Dec. 2009.

o Syncope, Umlaut, and Prosodic Structure in Early Germanic. Unpublished, 2009.

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o Universals constrain change, change results in typological generalizations. In Jeff Good, (ed.) Linguistic universals and language change, OUP 2008.

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o Panini is slick, but he isn't mean. Nagoya Studies in Indian Culture and Buddhism: Sambhasa 26: 1-28, 2007.

o Amphichronic linguistics vs. Evolutionary Phonology. Theoretical Linguistics, 32: 217-236, 2006.

o Livonian stød. To appear in Paul Boersma, Marc van Oostendorp, Ben Hermans, and Wolfgang Kehrein (ed.), Segments and Tone (Niemeyer).

o The extended siddha-principle. (With S.D.Joshi). Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 2005, 1-26 (2006).

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o On the Architecture of Panini's Grammar. Three lectures delivered at the Hyderabad Conference on the Architecture of Grammar, Jan. 2002, and at UCLA, March 2002.

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o Linguistic Aspects of the Poetic Formula. In Benjamin A. Stoltz and R. Shannon (eds.), Oral Poetry and the Formula. Center for the Coordination of Ancient and Modern Studies, Ann Arbor, 1976.


Handouts (.pdf)

A few handouts and slides that I sometimes get asked for.

o Meter and performance. LSA meter symposium, Baltimore Jan. 8, 2010.

o Panini's Razor. Symposium on Sanskrit and Computational Linguistics, Paris, Oct. 29-31, 2007. Streaming video.

o An OT approach to phonological variation. Rutgers Optimality Workshop, 1993. Also presented at NWAVE 1994 (Stanford).

o Remarks on markedness. TREND (Trilateral Phonology Weekend), Santa Cruz, 1994.

o Absolutely a Matter of Degree: The Semantics of Structural Case in Finnish. CLS, 2005.

o Grammaticalization. (Slides for Leverhulme Change/Evolution Workshop, London, Dec. 16 2006)

o Description and explanation: English revisited. (Slides for the LSA panel on the current state of phonology, Anaheim, Jan. 5, 2007)


Ph.D. Dissertations supervised

Scott Borgeson: Long-distance Compensatory Lengthening, (2022). Michigan State University.

Daniel Galbraith: The Predictable Case of Faroese (2018). Amazon Lab126.

Alex Jaker: Prosodic Reversal in Dogrib (Weledeh Dialect.) (2011). Goyatiko Language Society, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Postdoctoral fellow, Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska.

Elizabeth Norcliffe: Head-marking and Dependency Resolution: A study of Variation in Yucatec Maya (2009). SOAS World Languages Institute.

Lev Blumenfeld: Constraints on phonological interactions (2006). Department of Linguistics, Carleton University, Ottawa.

Ashwini Deo: Tense and aspect in Indo-Aryan languages: Variation and diachrony (2006). Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University.

Luc Baronian: North of Phonology (2006). Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

Brady Zack Clark: A Stochastic Optimality Theory Approach to Syntactic Change (2004). (Co-supervisor: Elizabeth Traugott). Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University.

Cathryn Donohue: Morphology Matters: Case Licensing in Basque (2004). Australian National University.

Shiao Wei Tham: Representing Possessive Predication: Semantic Dimensions and Pragmatic Bases (2004). National University of Singapore.

Ida Toivonen: The Phrase-Structure of Non-Projecting Words (2001). (Co-supervisor: Joan Bresnan). Department of Linguistics, Carleton University, Ottawa.

Michael Getty: A Constraint-Based Approach to the Meter of Beowulf (1998). (Co-supervisor: Orrin W. Robinson).

Arto Anttila: Variation in Finnish Phonology and Morphology (1997). Stanford University.

Vivienne Fong: The Order of Things: What Directional Locatives Denote (1997). Stanford University.

Brett Kessler: Estimating the Probability of Historical Connections Between Languages (1997). Washington University, St. Louis.

Chang Yong Sohn: The Metrical Structure of Beowulf (1997). Seoul National University, Korea.

Jennifer Cole: The Prosodic Domain Hierarchy in Reduplication (1994).

Christopher Pinon: An Ontology for Event Semantics (1994). Université de Lille).

Eunjoo Han: Prosodic Structure in Compounds (1993). Seoul Women's University, Korea.

Linda Uyechi: The Geometry of Visual Phonology (1993). Stanford University.

Michael Inman: Semantics and Pragmatics of Colloquial Sinhala Involitive Verbs (1992). Sehda, Inc., Menlo Park, California.

Andras Kornai: Formal Phonology (1991). Budapest Institute of Technology, Automation Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Henry Smith: Restrictiveness in Case Theory (1991). Harvard University.

Stephen Wechsler: Argument Structure and Linking (1991). University of Texas, Austin.

Abdullahi Bature†: Thematic Arguments and Semantic Roles in Hausa (1991). Bayero State University, Nigeria.

Young-Mee Yu Cho: Parameters of Consonantal Assimilation (1990). Rutgers University.

Kristin Hanson: Resolution in Modern Meters (1990). University of California, Berkeley.

John Stonham: Current Issues in Morphological Theory (1990). Pukyong National University.

Sharon Inkelas: Prosodic Constituency in the Lexicon (1988). University of California, Berkeley.

Jonni Kanerva: Focus and Phrasing in Chichewa Phonology (1988). InXight, Palo Alto.

Draga Zec: Sonority Constraints on Prosodic Structure (1987). Cornell University.

Douglas Pulleyblank: Tone in Lexical Phonology (1983). University of British Columbia.

Lauri Carlson: Dialogue Games: An Approach to Discourse Analysis (1982). University of Helsinki.

Nicholas Ostler: Case-Linking: A Theory of Case and Verb Diathesis, Applied to Classical Sanskrit (1979). Linguacubun Ltd., Foundation for Endangered Languages.

Daniel Kahn: Syllable-Based Generalizations in English Phonology (1976). E-Speech Corporation.

Robert Rardin: Studies in Derivational Morphology (1975).

Tony Kroch: The Semantics of Scope in English (1974). University of Pennsylvania.

Sylvia Permesly: Some Aspects of Presupposition in Generative Grammar (1973).

Irwin Howard: A Directional Theory of Rule Application in Phonology (1972).

Emily Pope†: Questions and Answers in English (1972).

George Williams: Networks of Anaphora: An Essay in the Syntax of Pronominalization (1971). (Co-supervisor: J.R. Ross).

John Kimball†: Categories of Meaning (1970).

Anthony Naro: The History of Portuguese Passives and Impersonals (1968). Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.

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Brief CV

*28.1.1941, Helsinki, Finland.


1948-52 Deutsche Schule, Helsinki.
1952-55 King Edward's School, Birmingham.
1955-58 Helsingin Normaalilyseo, Helsinki.
1958-59 Alabama College (now University of Montevallo).
1960-61 University of Helsinki. (B.A. 1961)
1961-62 University of Minnesota. (M.A. 1962)
1962-65 M.I.T. (Ph.D. 1965)


1965-84 M.I.T.
1984- Stanford.

Also: UCLA Linguistic Institute 1966, Stockholm and Gothenburg 1968, Brown University 1970 and 1971, Ohio State University Linguistic Institute 1970, University of Michigan Linguistic Institute 1973 (Collitz chair), Salzburg Linguistic Institute 1982, Consultant to Xerox PARC 1983-86, Stanford Linguistic Institute 1987, Scandinavian Summer School in Linguistics, Melbu, Norway 1993, Copenhagen Summer School in Computational Linguistics 1994, Cornell Linguistic Institute 1997, Scandinavian Summer School in Generative Phonology, Hvalfjardarströnd, Iceland, June 1997, MIT Linguistic Institute 2005, Stanford Linguistic Institute 2007, Berkeley Linguistic Institute 2009, Creteling 2018, 2019, 2022.

Research Elsewhere

C.A.S.S. and Deccan College, Pune, India 1968-69, 1976-77, CSLI and Xerox PARC 1983-85, Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin 1991-92, Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin 1993, 1994, Tartu and Setomaa, Estonia 2000, 2001, Kozani, 2001, Stanford Humanities Center, 2007-2008, Zukunftskolleg Konstanz, 2011.

Fellowships, Awards

A.C.L.S. Fellowship 1963-64, 1968-69
N.E.H. Fellowship 1976-77
American Institute of Indian Studies Fellowship 1976-77
Institute of Advanced Studies, Berlin, 1991-92
Humboldt Fellowship 1993
Twinning Grant 2000
Rishi Prize 1981
Honorary Ph.D. Gothenburg 1985
Bass Chair 1992
Humboldt Prize 1993
University of Helsinki President's Medal 1997
Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury 2005
Honorary Member, Finno-Ugric Society 2015
LSA Fellow 2006-
Stanford Humanities Center Fellow 2007-08
Honorary Ph.D. Konstanz 2008
Honorary Ph.D. Patras 2010
Fellow of the British Academy 2013-
Senior Fellow, Zukunftskolleg Konstanz, 2011-12
Swedish Academy Linguistics Prize 2012
Honorary Member, Philological Society 2015
Brugmann Fellow, Leipzig 2017
Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2020
Neil and Saras Smith Medal, British Academy 2020

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